A Kickstarter Campaign for the First E-Scooter That Fits In a Backpack

E-scooters are common but most of them are just too bulky and rigid. Mini Falcon is a powerful e-scooter built for simplicity, flexibility, and strength

Moving around can be tough. Too many cars on the road, long traffic queues, and cities without improvised transport system. E-scooters, as a swift means of transportation, has been around for a long time. They ensure fast movement of people, but many of them are just too bulky to be effective or to move around.

APONIC INC is proud to announce the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for Mini Falcon: The First E-Scooter That Fits in a Backpack. It’s a scooter with a small body but full of amazing technology that knocks similar products out of the waters.

Dual rear brake technology, puncture-proof tires, high-efficiency shock absorbers, and reinforced aluminum alloy frame are few of the features that make this scooter a real winner any day.

To support the project, please visit the Indiegogo Page.

For most people who choose to move around on a scooter, their priority is to have something simple and easy to manipulate. Up until now, no one has been able to create a scooter that is both effective and compact.

Mini Falcon solves the major problem that scooter lovers are facing. Now, anyone can move from one place to another, without worrying about where to put the scooter when they get to their destination. The fact that this scooter can fit perfectly in a backpack means the rider has total control over their means of transportation; no one taking a train, bus, lift, or bike will ever have that advantage.

With Ternary Lithium-Ion Power Batteries, Mini Falcon assures users of ultra-high performance, running 15.5 Mph and 9 miles on a single charge. Despite being lightweight, the Mini Falcon is built for safety. The ABS anti-lock brake system and kinetic energy recovery system installed maintain steering control and kicks into action whenever they confront an obstacle. There is also a concealed high-efficiency shock absorber, digital display, 3-speed gear adjustment, and contraction steering pole for swift control.

Power protection features ensure there is no overcharge, overcurrent, over-discharge, and short circuit protection. It doesn’t overheat and users will never have to deal with reversal charging whatsoever.

Mini Falcon is easy to fold into a backpack and can be carried everywhere. Even though it looks simple, it is built using thought materials that ensure total functionality and capability.

For more information, please contact hello@minifalcon.net, or visit http://minifalcon.net.

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