A Hot Electric Unicycle Airwheel F3 with Annular Design Dazzles Passerby’s Eyes

Electric unicycles can date back to 2010, but it was not what most people want at that time. Now it’s going to get popular for it is green, environmentally-friendly and fast in users eyes. Moreover, its annular design will dazzle passerby’s eyes.

F3 can be a great transportation tool for those who still study in the campus, but have part-time jobs. To be on duty on time, it’s better to choose an electric scooter to be the transportation. However, for most college students the exterior is vital to attract them. Apart from that, that scooter must be portable since their dormitory is not equipped with elevators. Then F3 annular electric unicycle is going to meet such demand of students.

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Airwheel F3 possesses such a magic to draw college students’ attention for its innovative design. The scooter is created by an annular structure. In the professional view, F3 orbit electric unicycle is with hub-less design. Adopting that modeling Airwheel wants to lighten the vehicle’s weight, so it is even easy for girls to roll it. To some extent hollow structure is convenient for users to hold on or pick up. What’s more, F3 comes with a concealed handle located at the top part of the bodywork that allows the user to carry it in a handy way.

F3 orbit electric unicycle

In regards to Airwheel F3’s making material, its transparent shell is made of PC & ABS composite material with the features such as heat resistance, cold endurance, flame resistance and impact resistance. The white and red color looks cool and stylish. During the practice, please don’t worry when the vehicle falls down for Airwheel F3 is sturdy in the whole frame. The protecting silicon leg pads of Airwheel F3 are changeable to match well with the rider’s wearing.

A Hot Electric Unicycle Airwheel F3 with Annular Design Dazzles Passerby’s Eyes

The original imported battery is of high quality that is with long life time. But it only just fits to short-distance travel because it cannot cover more than 20 kilometer after a full charge. F3 annular electric unicycle can be ridden for several times after one time charging. With Airwheel F3 enjoying a hub-less design, the rider is going to dazzle his classmates’ eyes or dazzle the passerby’.

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