A Home of Peace: seeking donations for cancer patients support facility

Resources will be used to provide a care facility for cancer patients on a long treatment

Today, A Home of Peace, a non-profit organization based in Houston announced they are seeking donations from the public for their cancer patients support facility project. The organization realized that most patients undergoing cancer treatment or cancer trial treatment suffer from financial toxicity.  The organization uses donations from the public to rent or buy mobile homes, RVs, and trailers, providing a home away from home for the patients at no cost. The homes will be opened for anyone who is in need of care, during their long-term treatment, but could not afford to pay for one.

A Home of peace was created out of the reality that many cancer patients in cancer treatment centers suffer financial toxicity, which is an unspoken side effect. The organization creates a home away from home for oncology patients in cancer centers, who cannot afford to pay for their own care. This helps patients who can’t afford to travel get treatment in a special center away from home. Their services also help hospitals get more trial patients and build more confidence.

“I was devastated when the doctor said my wife only had six months to live due to Melanoma. We decided to fight the disease and now, five years later she is still here, but at a very high cost. We released many cancer patients will survive if they didn’t have to worry about financials. The donations we receive will reduce burden and improve chances of survival,” said Ludwick Eckl, founder of A Home of Peace.

Donations will be used to provide a home away from home with no cost of housing or cost to family. Patients will also get transfer to and from treatment, and a peaceful atmosphere. “That is a fantastic idea, Let me know what I can do to help,” said H. Saunders a donor.

The facility we create will be completely fenced and gated with fully furnished temporary housing, swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and fire pit, coffee and popcorn bar, and free cable TV etc. We hope to expand services from Texas to all important cancer treatment centers in the US. We need your donations.

“Over the past 20 years, we began thinking about how the physical side effects of cancer treatment—vomiting, headaches or hair loss—affect a patient’s quality of life. Financial toxicity is another important side effect that needs to, at the very least, be disclosed to patients,” said Dr. Jonas de Souza, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Chicago Medical Center.

About A home of Peace Organization

A home of peace is a non-profit organization that provides care facility and treatment support for oncology patients in cancer treatment centers. With funds from public donations, they provide a home away from home, for patients in long-term treatment, eliminating financial toxicity for cancer patients.

Please visit their website www.ahomeofpeace.org, or contact Ludwig.Eckl@gmail.com to get more information on how to make a donation. 

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