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HEALTH is wealth. The two topics people tend to be very most interested in, in recent times are “health” and “wealth”. But one thing that very few people actually realize is just how closely “health” correlates with “wealth”; when you are healthy, you will have easier time attaining wealth. And here we are to inspire you to focus more fully on keeping yourself healthy.

Coaching is very popular today and several of these coaches make frivolous claims about their competence. But we at A Healthy New You do not only claim our competences but we have several testimonies from persons who have used our services and rated us excellently. Feeling healthy and fit is one of the most important things in life which we often take for granted.

About A Healthy New You

This website provides all the necessary information about a healthy living. It has sections meant to handle several topics.

The Body Detox; this section explains the best methods to detox our body without incurring various side effects. One of the methods encouraged by A Healthy New You is the use of braggs apple cider vinegar which is a natural remedy for a variety of health issues.

Exercise and Weight Loss; this section explains the best exercises that would create a healthy body. Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Hence A Healthy New You is the best waist trainer and will create for you a suitable weight loss program and best exercises just for you.

And Just for those who care about their aging rate, A Healthy New You also has a plan for you. It provides the best methods to detox and for fat loss that will keep you young, fresh and smart. Through their best exercise methods they would help give physical fitness that would prevent debilitating conditions like osteoporosis.


About Samantha

Samantha is very passionate about health and fitness awareness. this passion was inspired by the process of raising her children. She quickly learnt the importance of staying healthy and fit.

Samantha is 32 and a mother of 3. She has gained lots of experience in organizing a healthy living from raising her children. Samantha leads an extremely busy life.

Samantha has been over weight before hence she understands all the struggles every of her client is passing through. She has struggled with weight gain for some years and also struggled with weight loss too.

“During my years of gaining weight I tried every single diet possible with not a lot of progress which I found very depressing at times.  When I finally managed to stabilize my weight I felt 10 times more happy and energetic and very fit.”

“Flipping the coin when I started to lose weight dramatically I found this very unnatural,  There are several reasons why people lose weight whether its due to stress busy schedules depression or just not having an appetite. This can cause some major issues according to your health and fitness”.


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