A Good Electric Skateboard Under $500: The Veymax Roadster X4 Series

A Good Electric Skateboard Under $500: The Veymax Roadster X4 Series
Veymax Roadster X4 Series
The Veymax Roadster X4 series of electric skateboards have been officially launched in August 2023. Veymax has fully upgraded the battery and ESC cases of the X4 series.

Electric skateboards have been receiving a lot of attention from consumers all over the world recently, and they are also a new type of personal transportation that people use to solve the “Last Mile”. In the past, electric skateboards were very expensive, and the price was generally more than 2,000 US dollars. They were “high-end toys”. It was often difficult for beginners with insufficient budgets to get started.

Today, the electric skateboard market is surging, and the threshold of $2,000 is long outdated for beginners to choose electric skateboards. Consumers have very different views on the definition of entry-level electric skateboards. They hope to have better configuration and performance, and at the same time, the price should be low enough. Is there really a brand that can realize this kind of both need and demand? The answer is yes: the new Veymax Electric Skateboard is the answer.

Veymax Electric Skateboard X4

In August 2023, the Veymax Roadster X4 series of electric skateboards will be officially launched. This series has 2 versions suitable for different needs, the basic version and the high-end version – Veymax Roadster X4 and Veymax Roadster X4S. When the product is launched on the official website, it also offers a limited-time discount policy of 100 US dollars. Right now you can get the Veymax Roadster X4 for just $499, and the Veymax Roadster X4S for just $559.

Why can the Veymax Roadster X4 Series become the first choice for “entry-level electric skateboard”?

As mentioned above, when people choose an electric skateboard, they not only value the affordable price, but also value its quality and performance.

The same is true of the Veymax Roadster X4 series. The more you know about it, the more you can feel the sincerity and dedication of the Veymax brand. In terms of appearance, this product looks more simple overall, with a sense of power ready to go. The V-shaped slightly concave board surface feels more comfortable, allowing the rider to stand more stably and safely.

In addition, Veymax Roadster X4 series electric skateboards have fully upgraded the battery box and ESC box. More ventilation and breathability, better heat dissipation.

The length and width of Veymax Roadster X4 series electric skateboards are 37.8in/9.8in respectively. In order to create a comfortable riding quality, X4 is made of 8 layers of Canadian maple and 1 layer of fiberglass. The board is durable, tough and stable, suitable for beginners who need more practice. X4S is made of 2 layers of bamboo, 2 layers of Canadian maple and 2 layers of fiberglass. Compared with X4, it is more flexible and elastic, suitable for riders who are practicing turning and challenging various terrain stages.

In addition, Veymax Roadster X4 series electric skateboards are also equipped with 2 taillights, which is the first Veymax Roadster X4 series to be equipped with taillights among electric skateboards at this price. For riders who like to ride at night, taillights are very practical.

Veymax E-skateboard Off-road

In addition, it is also practical for riders living in higher latitudes. In winter, these areas get dark quickly and are much safer with taillights. Competing products at the same level may not have this configuration due to cost considerations, which also shows from the side that Veymax Roadster X4 series electric skateboards are more attentive.

In today’s electric skating market, the competition has already been fierce. Only excellent products are worth buying. Today, the Veymax Roadster X4 series of electric skateboards has a discount of only US$499 in August, and a pair of taillights and a pair of anti-collision strips as a gift. Its sincerity is obvious to all. Under the premise of excellent product strength, the Veymax Roadster X4 series is naturally full of cost performance, and it is an entry-level electric skateboard worth buying.

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