A Documentary Has Been Made to Remember The Tragic Incident at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando

Pulse Documentary: Forgotten Survivors Will Remember The June 12 Shooting & Will Also Talk to Some of The Survivors of That Tragedy

Orlando, FL, USA – June 13, 2017 – Reelkasting Productions, LLC has announced the release of a documentary to commemorate first anniversary of the largest massacre in the history of the United States. Titled as ‘Forgotten Survivors – A Pulse Documentary’, the documentary is dedicated to the incident that took place on June 12th, 2016 at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida. The bloody massacre at Pulse claimed many victims from the innocent LGBT community and the documentary will honor those victims of terrorism.

“Terrorism at the Pulse Nightclub was the largest massacre in the US history and our documentary has exclusive interviews with some of the survivors who after a year are finally ready to tell their stories of loss, survival, strength, love and the road to recovery.” Said Nancy McBride while talking about the documentary. “A horrific terrorist attack affecting hundreds of people and taking 49 lives left a mark on all our lives and we are hoping to share some of the inspiring stories of the survivors in this documentary production.” She added.

The documentary aims at bringing stories from some of the survivors who haven’t had the opportunity to tell their accounts of that night. Moreover, the documentary opens up with exclusive interviews with survivors talking about how Pulse Nightclub was a safe place for the LGBT community. They called it a place where everyone was family and patrons could be themselves. In a world of judgment and discrimination, they found that Pulse was their safe haven to not be judged for their sexuality and/or by their race until the unthinkable happened.

In addition to that tragic night and remembering those who lost their lives that that, the documentary will introduce the survivors of that event prior to the shooting as they talk about how their lives were and how their lives intertwined with each other as friends and fellow club goers. Followed by that, the documentary will proceed into the accounts of each individual’s memory of what exactly transpired the night of the shooting and how they survived.

In the second act of Pulse Documentary, the focus area is going to be the recovery and self-assessment. This act will talk about the emotional trauma these survivors had after that life-changing night and how they are recovering from it. In addition, this phase will reveal the personal items of the survivors, including text messages, snapshots and selfies etc. Furthermore, the second act will also share the memories and items that were left behind by the unfortunate LGBT community members who lost their lives in Orlando that night.

In the third and final act of the Pulse Documentary: Forgotten Survivors, solidarity will be shown with the LGBT community and their lives after the incident will be discussed. Moreover, the act will also talk about their lost loved ones and how their lives are now. The act will talk about healing of their wounds and becoming their voice along with the future scenario for this peaceful community in America. Forgotten Survivors is going to be an emotional and informative documentary and will unite American people together against such acts of terrorism and victimization of the LGBT community.

For more information, please visit the website at: www.pulsedocumentary.com or facebook.com/PulseDocumentary

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