A distinction of Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped electric walkcar comes from attention to details

After Airwheel S6 saddle-equipped electric scooter goes into the market, Airwheel collects plenty of feedbacks from users and applies these data into the development of S8 electric walkcar. Based on the specific optimization, Airwheel S8 electric walkcar has built up a more harmonious relationship with users.

In order to make users enjoy better riding experience, Airwheel Technology gathers a lot of users’ feedback after releasing S6 electric scooter and penetrates into their further needs. However, these data are important references in designing the double-wheels electric scooter Airwheel S8.

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The whole skeleton of S8 two wheel electric scooter is mainly deigned to be curve so it looks like very elegant and pliable. The streamlined design of the control lever is the optimization for the steering operation experience. The C-shape control lever and the legs of riders can have a larger contact area so the legs can better support the strength.

2 wheel scooter

The 10 inches solid tyres promote S8 electric hoverboard‘s performance on road-grasping and shock-absorption. Even it is bumpy and uneven road, S8 electric scooter with seat can cope with it. Therefore, riders will drive more smoothly and steadily. Even if riders choose to sit to drive, they won’t have bumpy feeling. More importantly, although the tryes becomes larger than S6, S8 electric scooter still keeps light and exquisite. No matter you carry it in your hands or store it into the car trunk and even take it into elevator, it is very easy and convenient.

The height of the scooter directly determines the riding experience. In this case, the operating rod of S8 electric scooter with seat can be adjusted according to different riders with different statures. Riders can lower or raise the height of the operating rod. The seat of S8 is made of leather so it can give riders a sense of comfort. Meanwhile, the shape and gravity of the seat also benefit for improving the human-machine relationship.

mini electric scooter

Airwheel spends much effort in optimizing the electric walkcar S8 who hopes each user can enjoy the more fantastic and comfortable experience. It is concluded that Airwheel, as a senior brand in this industry, has the effective market control and feedback system. Depending on a strong R&D team, Airwheel is extremely effective and capable.

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