A Different Genre… A Different Literary Style… BLOCK 2020 Rewrites Story Telling Rules

A Different Genre... A Different Literary Style... BLOCK 2020 Rewrites Story Telling Rules

January 22, 2020 – When books become too restrictive, it is time to break free and tell the whole truth as it occurs to the writer. Dr Goose X has done this in his latest work, BLOCK XX/XX, better known by its subtitle BLOCK 2020, a gem that shines its radiance from page one till the end.

Whoa! Readers would wish they had read this work earlier. BLOCK 2020 is so different that it ends up creating its very own literary style and genre – ‘Hybrid Fiction’. Those who wish to be entertained will find plenty of it here, and for serious readers, there are multiple levels of depth to dive into and emerge with a new outlook.

Inspired by true events, BLOCK 2020 is comprised of a set of ten books, each with ten chapters. That makes it a 100-chapter tour de force, with each book ending with a ‘Test of Understanding’. Clear the test, see how much has been understood, and then proceed reading.

What’s the book really about? Dr Goose X claims to be inspired making the work really “fluid”. It is meant as a religious writing based on differing viewpoints. There is no one faith, belief or spiritual practice served. BLOCK 2020 follows many different cultures and beliefs from the past to the present.

Follow your intuitive thinking and look for something sacred. Imagine yourself in the scene with your senses. Use your spiritual imagination through meditation or discuss the book with friends who have also read it,” suggests Dr Goose X.

Just as some things ‘cannot be told’, BLOCK 2020 tries to reach a level of understanding so that in the end, the reader emerges with life lessons (printed in bold throughout the book). Paragraphs are separated with action graphics, and quotes from ‘Mr. G’ are shown in red. The book is not meant to be read quickly. The reader can work slowly savoring each section, test their learning, absorb the lessons and proceed further.

After reading this book of secrets revealed, you find that you have become a better person.  Every person may react differently to BLOCK 2020, so they can do more by visiting its website and interact with others. “Be a Believer”.

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