A Conversation with Maya The Shaman: An Ancient Mystic in the Modern World

A Conversation with a Shaman in the Modern World: Meet Maya The Shaman  

Maya The Shaman is a Shaman guide who uses ancient ‘Lemurian Code Healing’ techniques to clear away barriers and reconnect you with your spirit. Learn how to connect to the ‘Infinite Cosmic Records’ and more to heal the body, open the heart and unblock chakras. 

In this interview she talks about how she got started in spirituality, her own path of discovery as an intuitive healer and what it was like going through the initiation process that transformed her into the work she does today. Her latest collaborative book Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming into the Future, Volume 3, became a a #1 New Release! Today we get to ask her some questions about her latest book and visions for the Future. 

Q:  Hello Maya the Shaman! Tell your readers a little story about yourself. 

Maya The Shaman: My name is Maya Verzonilla, AKA Maya The Shaman. I am a descendant of Lemuria or Mu (the never-loss first continent of the Pacific). Born in Maharlika (Philippines) and lived most of my life in America, I understand the ailing need for the West to Awaken to the offerings of the East for its healing connection. Coming from a lineage of Healers and Shaman, I came to follow my lineage of Shamanism. I have devoted nearly two decades to this sacred work as part of my purpose and mission. 

Through my Original Healing Modality, Lemurian Code Healing, I assisted the Awakening of my clients and Starseeds. In assisting, reversing, opening, or re-charging energetically my clients come back to their own purpose and mission. Through the “Art of Remembering using Lemurian Code Healing,” one heals. As one heals, they also heal others. I am a universalist, and my work is spiritual-energetic in nature. And while I respect everyone’s religious background, I also provide them a larger picture of what our Universe has to offer them. Everyone gets to choose once the knowledge is revealed. This becomes their gift to knowing and remembering. This is my mission and why I am born to share my gifts.

My great-great-grandfather Shaman Don Pedro is from Maharlika (Philippines). He is a timekeeper and a shape-shifter Shaman of his time, working solely for the pure light of the Creator. Don Pedro is an authentic Lemurian Shaman, a spiritual mystic who walks on water, flies through the air, and opens portals not seen by human eyes. My grandmother, Lola Senyang, speaks of his connection to the invisible world of the sacred with great honor and reverie. Today, I continue to receive downloads of Don Pedro’s guidance through his knocks, a way for us to connect, where telepathic communication and information comes to me as I receive them directly from him.

Q:  What inspired you to co-author, write, and contribute to this collaborative book series of Awakening Starseeds at Radhaa Publishing House? When is this book coming out?

Maya The Shaman:   I love sharing. I especially love to share real, authentic, and mysterious stories, even when some people have no knowledge or understanding of other dimensions or realities. Sharing my story in the Awakening Starseed book series without holding back or suppressing my Truth is important to me. This 3rd Volume Amazon Kindle has just launched on August 12. The paperback will shortly follow.

Awakening Starseeds: Dreaming Into the Future, Vol. 3  is out now on Amazon Kindle and is followed by paperback shortly.

Q:  How did Radhaa Publishing House help you? What was the process? 

Maya The Shaman:   Radhaa Publishing House is a unique platform that offers writers authentic sharing possibilities through collaborative books. They encourage potential authors who have gifts to share their stories and wisdom so they can help others understand their own process of transformation. Many writers have hesitations about sharing because of fears they may not be perfect writers. The writers at Radhaa Publishing House get guidance through feedback, and their work gets edited and polished, formatted, and finally prepared for publishing. This helps the writers feel good and makes them feel confident.

Q:  How supported did you feel through this creative and collaborative process? What was the best part of this whole experience?

Maya The Shaman:   Radhaa encouraged me to write about Lemuria, spirituality, and my Shaman great-great-grandfather Don Pedro. She totally supported me in submitting my work. We have other writers read our stories. Sometimes we have partners who also critique us besides Radhaa Publishing House. This is all under the guidance of Radhaa Publishing House, so we feel like there’s a community here dedicated to helping. While others have greater needs, some upcoming writers are very sensitive and may still need clearing or healing with their stories. Radhaa Publishing House offers a convenient additional service, the Creative Writer Coaching program, available for an easy and effortless way to feel comfortable in the process. You can simply submit your chapter, and the editor in charge will take care of it for you. Easy.

Q: What would you tell anyone who might be interested in writing for Radhaa Publishing House? 

Maya The Shaman:   Don’t hesitate to claim your story. Go for it! It’s your time. When you say, “I’m ready to show up,” the Universe supports you!

Q: What have you gotten out of the experience? 

Maya The Shaman:   I celebrate being a multi-published author. I have chapters in all the Awakening Starseeds book series (Vol. 1, 2, 3), Energy Healing & Soul Medicine (Amazon’s Best Seller book), Pillars of Light: Goddess Activations, and my upcoming books. Anyone can order these books anywhere online. You can read stories about Don Pedro and Lemuria in these books. I am pleased to be a part of Radhaa Publishing House. You can order these books from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Powell Books, or Walmart. It made it to the mainstream! That is a wow! I feel infinite gratitude. Anyone can easily find our books. These are books for those interested in real-life stories on healing and transformation. Please grab your copies and if you wish for me to autograph them, send me a note, and the 1st 50 people will get free shipping from me. And thank you to those who support the incoming light and planetary shift towards a better future for humanity. This task of clearing the old paradigm towards our Golden Age is a pre-destined realm and cannot be stopped because God, the great Universe, has our back! And the time is now to elevate our human consciousness to embrace the Golden Age!

Maya The Shaman:   There are several interviews online that you may also like to read about my healing methods on Lemurian Code Healing and Infinite Cosmic Records. The Lemurian Code Healing modality is beyond ordinary. It’s extraordinary. It has been evolving to reach its most sacred connection to the divine that created a direct link to rediscovering your past lives so you can understand your present life, through Infinite Cosmic Records. Good or bad karma allows one to learn lessons as humans experience the 3D duality, making one connect the dots with clarity. INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS is the perfect extension of my modality LEMURIAN CODE HEALING. It clarifies the missing link in one’s reincarnation story. During a session, one can experience a higher connection of being a seer of their own life while I guide them in the Lemurian Shamanic journey. My sessions with my clients are like opening a book of their past, present, or future lives that were deeply buried in their subconscious-cosmic minds, allowing them to see clearly the big picture to discover who they are. This is exciting as their higher self takes them on a spiritual tour. This is how they solve the missing link in their present questions or traumatic reality they are trying to clear. 

In my forthcoming book, “INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS: SACRED DOORWAYS TO HEALING & REMEMBERING,” is coming out this Fall 2022. I have asked my clients to share their discoveries during their sessions with me. I could have easily told the stories myself in my book, but when I asked them if it was okay for them to share, my willing and happy  clients took their time to contribute stories of their INFINITE COSMIC RECORDS session with me in real-time, making this all purely their sharing authentic stories from their hearts, into my book. As a reader, you will be amazed by each unique story shared. My clients were equally amazed. I hope you will take advantage of such unusual experiences shared in my upcoming book to inspire you. It’s proof that human beings are truly multi-dimensional beings, and we did not just arrive here in one lifetime. If you wish to explore the greater parts of you, I am here to be your Shaman guide. 

To understand my desire to explain further my method and what my clients say about their sessions with me, please visit another interview done by LA’s Formidable Women Magazine: Maya Verzonilla, AKA Maya the Shaman | Formidable Woman Magazine; thank you for your support. Much love, light, and may peace and healing prevail for all of humanity! 

To book your session, do not hesitate to contact Maya at:

www.LemurianCodeHealing.com or www.MayaTheShaman.com. 

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