“A Conversation with an Angel” by Dr. Jan Cooper Reveals a World in Strife, Shares the Way towards Healing, Rebuilding, and Hope

"A Conversation with an Angel" by Dr. Jan Cooper Reveals a World in Strife, Shares the Way towards Healing, Rebuilding, and Hope

July 23, 2020 Dr. Jan Cooper’s “A Conversation with an Angel” will delight anyone looking for a moral compass and the right direction in a chaotic world. Through the wise words of Christ and a belief in God, Dr. Cooper’s story reveals the hard facts of life and shows the way towards rebuilding and living a meaningful and fulfilling life that will bring everlasting peace.

“A Conversation with an Angel” is a remarkable story of an ordinary young man who is called upon by an angel sent by God. The angel has been sent to mentor the young man and prepare him for his life’s work. The angel’s perception of earth and the human world is all too negative; the world is rife with war, conflict, domestic violence, and terrorism. 

The protagonist is Winston, born at the beginning of WWII in a small hospital in Kansas. His father was killed at Pearl Harbor. Two years later, his mother married another military man. Winston spent his childhood alone, traveling from one state to another with his family, never making any friends. At times, he spoke to God every day for comfort. 

Circling around the world many times, the angel finally discovers Winston, who is a 16-year-old lad, bent on his knees and praying to God. 

The reader is then taken through the journey of Winston and the angel, a relation that explores the father-son relationship. On the way are revelations about the many mistakes youth make, and the father-son duo working together to create a peaceful world.

I have tried to show that all people are important and that everyone matters. The story reveals by example, what should be done to create a happy, peaceful world and life. I believe in the Christian world and anyone that has a family and kids and lives in a community around other people. It is a book for all people that want a happy, content life,” says Dr. Jan Cooper.

“A Conversation with an Angel” teaches the wise counsel to everyone who’s in need. It teaches about life and how families can live better and highlights core values like imagination, love, and creativity. Above all, it shares some fundamental messages about keeping wise company, avoiding bad friends, and becoming the master of one’s life guided by the light of Jesus. 

Miracles are coming your way. Be prepared to keep your faith. If you do now what you’re supposed to and spell ‘now’ backwards, then you have won. If you get rid of the rats in your life and spell ‘rats’ backwards, then you will become the star God intended in the first place. Miracles are coming your way.

A Conversation with an Angel” by Dr. Jan Cooper is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions.

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