A Captivating Debut Novel, “Jihad,” by Gehan Muharam – Highlighting Life’s Struggles and Power of Resilience

A Captivating Debut Novel, "Jihad," by Gehan Muharam - Highlighting Life's Struggles and Power of Resilience

Human experience is a collection of varied aspects, including love, loss, relationships, family structure, friendships, and also the adversities of life; these all aspects, together, make a diverse experience for an individual. Gehan Muharam, with her debut novel, “Jihad,” is ready to reinforce our trust and faith in the Divine. It’s a very illuminating story that is also relatable to the majority of us in terms of referring to the intricacies of human existence. Gehan, with this masterpiece in literary art, narrates the actual meaning and purpose of life by embodying the concept behind the word ‘Jihad’ through this thought-provoking read.

Have you ever felt like you are losing your inner peace and strength to deal with life’s struggles? Gehan Muharam’s book, “Jihad,” breaks this barrier, welcoming each and every reader to have faith in Allah, the Almighty. This book is all about strengthening your trust and faith in the Divine power of Allah while accepting the trials He puts us in. From Gehan’s narration in this book, readers get a perspective that all struggles and adversities in life are here to test our spirit and our faith. If we look into the book’s sole purpose, then we see that these are our life’s struggles, which make us strong and give us flexibility to address those issues.

The word ‘Jihad’ has been taken from the Arabic language, which particularly means struggling in the path of Allah, the Almighty. Gehan Muharam, as a young debut author, gives a compelling read in terms of storytelling and the way of communicating different human experiences. Gehan basically prompts us to envision our life built and shaped by Allah, the Almighty while discerning that He is watching all of us; Allah wants us to combat life’s challenges and get the victory, not only in this mortal world but in the life hereafter.

“Jihad,” by Gehan Muharam, is a gripping tale surrounded by several aspects through which Allah tests us, including love, power, loss, poverty, and pain. From this amazing book, you can have a look at how these worldly relationships, familial bonds, love and loss threads, and hardships test us to become better people in association with dealing with these myriad challenges. It’s not only a book but a path to self-discovery, and this read encourages you to join the route to Jihad.

About the Author

As a young Yemeni female and debut author, Gehan Muharam chooses her passion for writing and storytelling by encouraging some thought-provoking topics. Living in a vibrant city, New York, she penned down a grasping tale full of emotions, human experiences, and struggles in her unveiling novel, “Jihad.” From the very start, Gehan had a passion for trying her luck in the literary field, so during her final year of high school, she started this novel while being committed to her roots.

Discover the unraveling truths in a very riveting style presented in the novel, “Jihad,” by Gehan Muharam. Because, Jihad is a movement that mainly shapes our brighter tomorrow and afterlife.

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