A brief introduction to distributed power plants

Distributed photovoltaic power generation system by the professional services provided to people quotation of distributed photovoltaic system, generally include: component, stents, inverter, circuit breaker, dc, ac box, fuse, dc cable, communication cable, bus terminal and earthing terminal, switches, labor, transportation, taxes and fees, such as project, considering the size of each project, design, construction difficulty, market procurement price floating, quotation will follow floating;

In north China, the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta, three regions where the application of distributed photovoltaic power generation is relatively intensive, the difference of solar plane radiation dose is not as great as that in the western region, generally no more than 20%. If the optimal generation Angle is set and the overall system efficiency is above 80%, generally speaking, the average annual generating capacity of a 1KW project in 25 years should be about 900~1300kwh.

If it is a steel structure color steel tile industrial and commercial factory roof, generally only in the south side of the full spread of photovoltaic modules (standard workshop roof natural inclination is generally 5° to 10°), laying proportion is generally 1KW occupy an area of 10, that is, 1MW (1MW=1000KW) project needs to use 10,000  area;

If it is the roof of a household villa with brick and tile structure, photovoltaic modules will be generally spread over the roof area with no shade from 08:00~16:00. Although the installation method is slightly different from the color steel tile roof, the area ratio is similar, which is 1KW covering about 10. That is to say, a villa roof with a relatively large area (100~150 square meters) can be installed with about 10KW photovoltaic power generation system, with an average annual power generation of about 9000~ 13000 KWH in 25 years (specific parameters need to be determined after Hangyu Solar issues a professional project proposal, and only the general concept is given here);

If it is a flat concrete roof, in order to design the best fixed horizontal inclination Angle, a certain space between each row of components is required to ensure that it is not obscured by the shadow of the components in the front row. Therefore, the roof area occupied by the whole project will be larger than the casted steel tile and villa roof that can realize the tile of components. Generally speaking, considering complex factors such as natural shielding and parapet height, 1KW roof area is about 15~20, that is, 1MW project needs to use 15,000 ~ 20,000 . People can estimate how much capacity you can install on your roof and how much power you can generate.

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