A Brief Introduction to 6FTF-150 Flour Milling Machine | Goldrain Factory

Goldrain is a professional manufacturer of grain roller mill from China. We mainly design and manufacture various types of flour milling machines. (wheat flour milling machine, maize flour milling machine and maize grain roller mill). Our flour milling machines are priced at a huge advantage and we sell flour milling machinery all over the world.

Our flour milling machine powder capacity is from 5 ton to 1000 ton per day.

We provide a turnkey project of our machinery (flour milling machinery mill wheat,flour milling machine corn), including special design, installation, commissioning and training workers.

Total we have 2 designs installation form for the 150 tons/ 24 hours Flour Mill Equipment: triangle-framed workshop and  Cement building type.

Here we introduce the Steel structure type: Wheat Flour Milling Machine

Main technical data of Process 150 t/ 24 hours:

Technology in cleaning part: The technology of three screening, two scourer, two destoner, two damper, and three magnetic separator.

Technology in milling part: 10sets of FMFQ8

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