A brand new company: Irie Outfitters launches The LA Sunshine Fashion Line

February 16th, 2018 – Irie Outfitters has launched its official clothing line, LA Sunshine Fashion line for tots and young girls (2-6 yrs).   This fashion line is dedicated to moms on a budget with a little girl who loves to look fashionable.  The founder of the line is a mom who lives in Los Angeles with a young daughter.  She understands that adorable fashion should never come at the cost of overspending.  All clothing items are sourced directly from Los Angeles by other moms who look for high quality items, unique fashion and adorable apparel for young girls and tots at affordable prices.

The founder of the LA Sunshine Line is also the co-founder of the company along with her husband.  They are the proud parents of three beautiful young children, including a young daughter who is only 15 months older than twin boys.  The family confesses that having three young children can often being a challenge, but it is important to remember to slow down and enjoy parenting.  This is also what their company is all about.

Irie is a Jamaican word that is commonly used to mean that life is beautiful, peaceful and joyful. It is the highest feeling that an individual can have and according to the Irie Outfitters founders, it perfectly captures their feeling as parents. The founders stated that they loved the meaning of irie so much they made the word a part of their daughter’s name.

Through their clothing line and future products, the company hopes to offer more irie to parents, the company’s mission is to design products and a clothing line that bring joy and beauty to the lives of parents and their young ones. The company aims to achieve this by committing to a line that makes parenting enjoyable, items that will be used consistently, and at the same time are affordable. According to the Irie Outfitters spokesperson, the company does not only offer clothing items and products that bring happiness but also offer blogs and articles that give useful information and tips which brings peace and beauty to families.  The name of their blog site is irie parents.

As an opening offer, Irie Outfitters is running a contest for all the Irie outfitters and irie parents’ followers on social media. In the contest, parents and followers can win items totaling $170.

The company looks forward to releasing future products such as night-lights and diaper bags, as well as additional clothing items within their fashion line.  All items will be sold directly through their website and Amazon. 

If you are interested in saving money for your little ones you may join the company’s deals and reviews club by visiting https://www.irieoutfitters.net/pages/deals-and-review-club.

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Company Name: Irie Outfitters
Contact Person: Alan Riley or Loreen Riley
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