A Book That Helps People to Understand and Overcome Tragedy Is Now Available On Amazon – Sparks Fly Upward: Why God Allows Us to Suffer

Sparks Fly Upward: Why God Allows Us to Suffer, by Kenneth Matthews, is now available on Amazon and all good online book shops as a Kindle download, paperback, and hardback.

Central Oregon – April 3, 2018 – This book, that looks at God’s involvement in human suffering, has been called one of the most important books of 2018.

The book covers a very important topic that has caused many people to lose their faith:  does God inflict or use pain and suffering to some purpose in his plan for our lives?

When a person suffers from personal tragedy, such as losing a loved one before their time, frequently a religious friend or family member will try to provide comfort by suggesting the event is part of God’s plan.

The author, who was born into a Christian pastor’s family, uses his own personal tragedy in this effort to understand and explain the meaning for his loss, and whether it was part of God’s plan. This book takes the reader on an important journey, where many questions regarding tragedy and human suffering in general find answers that will both enlighten and bring comfort.

Since being launched, Sparks Fly Upward: Why God Allows Us to Suffer has gained positive reviews from readers.  One such reader said: “Beautifully lucid, articulate discussion of this eternal question. Author coaxes the reader into a rational, yet empathetic dialogue, adding insights from his own story and bringing dimension and depth to this timeless topic.”

Losing someone is very hard, and makes us ask many questions. Sparks Fly Upward: Why God Allows Us to Suffer can bring comfort as it helps those who have lost a loved one to understand.  Another book reviewer called it “one of the most important self-help books for a person who has lost a loved one.”

To learn more about the book and to make a purchase, please visit: http://sparksflyupkm.com/

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Author Biography: Born into a Christian pastor’s family, Ken Matthews grew up mostly in California.  He earned BA and MA degrees from Andrews University in Michigan, followed by a PhD from UCLA, all in English Literature.   He spent his career teaching in Southern California. He and his wife are retired and live with their four dogs in Central Oregon.

Notes to the editor:

Book summary: This discussion is based on the author’s life-long attempt to understand the meaning behind his personal family tragedy.  The core of the argument is a counter to the idea that God inflicts or uses pain and suffering to some purpose in his “plan” for our lives, which is the usual Christian response when such events occur.  Rather, God is committed to our freedom of choice, which means he mostly cannot intervene to prevent the natural consequences of our choices.  The author also explores how this core idea transforms other relevant Christian concepts such as prayer, miracles, and Providence.

Kenneth Matthews is available for TV and Radio interviews and is happy to talk about any aspect of his book and his belief.

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