A Big Artist From A Small Town Opens Up About Her Inspiring Journey To Find Love Through Her Music

Shanna Has Announced The Launch Of Her New Web Series That Is Aimed At Changing Lives Through Music Like Never Before

Boston, MA, USA – July 21, 2017 – Renowned Singer and Songwriter from Dunstable, Massachusetts, Shanna has announced the release of her all new musical web series. The web series is an inspiring musical blend that intertwines her exceptional music with her inspiring personal life that has been created not only to entertain the fans of music, but also to impact their lives. Shanna is an accident-prone Romance Novelist who channels Taylor Swift in writing about boyfriends and dates in her stories.

“My ultimate goal is to inspire future generations of artists and promote the messages of peace, love, and positivity through my music. “said Shanna, while talking about her new web series. “This web series is another step in this direction and I want to share my experiences with everyone through this series.” she added. Her personal and professional life is an inspiration for many and the artist has openly shared her life experience with the fans through her work. Her talent has landed her major shows all across the United States, including a performance at the Delta Dental Stadium, The Epcot Center, and Walt Disney World.

In her journey which is full of ups and downs, Shanna turns to her BFF, Marianne for her love advice for the forlorn, creative inspiration and redemption. She also turns to her pet goose, Lulu, for comfort as she encounters characters and adventures at the local restaurants she frequents, answers to her bosses, and seeks support from her friends. Her life is a story of her quest for love that take her to new places, meeting new people and going through new adventures.

Being from a small town, Shanna knows the importance of friends and family. Through these relationships, Shanna has developed a profound understanding of different types of love, which includes love with another person, love with the inner-self, and love with a higher power. Moreover, she is greatly influenced by the likes of Johnny Cash, Carly Simon, and Gretchen Wilson. Other performances by the artist include The Bull Run, and Hard Rock Cafe Boston. Shanna continues to write and perform having travelled to LA to record at the famous Paramount Studios with Anthony J. Resta.

For more information and motivation, please visit: www.shannamusica.com

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