A Beautiful Divorce Is Attainable, It’s Not Just A Fairy Tale.

“Sandrine Perradin”

Divorce is always painful, but it doesn’t have to be ugly. Tens of thousands of divorced families have found peace and happiness with divorce. The family ends up being healthier when divorced than married.

Sandrine Perradin is one them. She created her beautiful divorce for the love of her children. She refused the typical ugly divorce where everyone gets destroyed. She wanted a peaceful life with happy children, and that’s what she created, with divorce.

About 50% of U.S. marriages end in divorce. That’s one every 36 seconds according to some reports.  That means that half of your audience has or will be impacted by divorce and are in need to hear this story, so they can be inspired to make a different choice. Right now, all they know is the fighting way. They need to hear the other kind of divorce. The beautiful divorce way.

Most divorce couples are fighting relentlessly and destroying their family in the path. Parents hate each other, kids are torn apart, bank accounts are empty, and life sucks. A look at these statistics suggests that a new approach to the discussion surrounding divorce is needed. Sandrine Perradin is leading this discussion.

Sandrine Perradin is an inspiring relationship conflict coach and interview guest who engages and holds audiences with her unique approach to creating a Beautiful Divorce.

With depth, texture, and examples from her own marriage and divorce, she reveals how with the love for our children, it really is possible to create a peaceful and happy divorced life, where parents get along, the kids are happy, and where there is joy again.

 During interviews with Ms. Perradin, your audience will be exposed to a refreshing point of view as she shares insights and themes woven through her book ‘A Family No Matter What’.

“Today, I am certain that creating a Beautiful Divorce can become the accepted way of ending a marriage, and starting a new, strong divorced family where everyone can thrive.

“Through keynote speaking and my book, A Family No Matter What, I am dedicated to sharing my story about how I built a Beautiful Divorce™, so I can help as many people as I can live the life they deserve,” says Perradin.

 Although divorce is always painful and challenging, listeners will discover that with commitment and determination:

  • They can create a healthy and peaceful co-parenting structure.
  • They can grow a strong united divorced family where everyone can thrive.
  • They can raise happy, confident, and secure children.

Although divorce is always painful and challenging, listeners will discover that:

  • A divorce is not the end of a family, but only the break of a couple.
  • They can get along with their ex-spouse and raise confident and happy children together.

Life with divorce can be an amazing life to live too.

About Sandrine Perradin

Sandrine Perradin is a highly trained Relationship Conflict Management Coach who guides people into transformation. With Perradin’s help, you can construct a new relationship with your former spouse and move into a life of joy, satisfaction and advanced wisdom. Perradin practices her own beautiful divorce, along with her three children and ex-husband, in Louisville, Colorado.

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