9-year-old Lux Elizabeth Shoots for the Stars – a mother-daughter duo take on Hollywood by making their own rules

9-year-old Lux Elizabeth Shoots for the Stars - a mother-daughter duo take on Hollywood by making their own rules

Lux Elizabeth Wolett is just like the other 9-year-old kids. But what sets her apart from her peers is her passion to act and her continuous perseverance to audition for roles. She became attached to acting after being a stand-in on a Rob Schneider film. And has been determined to get back on set ever since. 

Her mom, Michelle Wolett, has always been creative and owns a successful company named Once Upon a Book Club. It is a monthly book subscription box that focuses on bringing the “Book to Life”. Readers are sent a book with 3-5 individually wrapped gifts with page numbers. These gifts are not meant to be opened until a given page, as it’s of an object that is described in the book.

Michelle understood her daughter’s passion, but noticed how many moving parts are involved in booking a role in Hollywood.  So she decided to make this a teaching moment. She wanted Lux to go after the opportunities rather than wait for them to come to her. So with a little creativity and determination she started a production company: Storybook Productions.

As a result, they wrote, filmed, and produced a  short film (Red) that ended up being accepted to several festivals and won awards including an “Audience Choice Award” and “Honorable mention – Child Actor”. Their newest film titled Stars of Gold was shot using an iPhone. The heart-warming short film is about Sophia, a child who is struck by tragedy. With nothing but the clothes on her back and a loaf of bread she begins a life changing journey, touching the lives of everyone she encounters along the way. An inspirational story told through children’s eyes, about how helping others through selfless acts can actually heal and guide you in the end.

Michelle spent her time researching cinematography and lighting for the film while Lux helped fine-tune the script. Together they gathered some of her friends from acting school (Kyndal Courvisier, Gianna Carducci, Jaxon Presley Karim), scouted locations and began filming.

The film has already been submitted to several different festivals in the US. 

“As a result of this film, not only am I teaching them how to deal with grief, but these 4 kids are now taking their acting journeys into their own hands and have started making their own movies and scripts. I love how inspired they are.” said Michelle.

Trailer link: https://youtu.be/CsAtLBVSCRY

IMDB link: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt18968290

Lux’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/luxelizabethofficial

About Lux Wolett:

Lux Elizabeth Wolett is passionate about acting and caught the acting-bug after being a stand-in for a Rob Schneider film. She and her mother Michelle wrote, filmed and produced two short films, including their newest, Stars of Gold. Both were shot using an iPhone .

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