8 Component Agency Sales Method: A Life Changing Course is Now Offered Online For Everyone

A revolutionary course that has been proven effective to get sales in any industry is now available online for everyone

June 9, 2017 – The Lonnie Beltmann Sales Agency has announced the release of its industry leading training online. For the first time ever, The Lonnie Beltmann Agency has made its ‘8 Component Agency Sales Method’ available online and the company is using Teachable.com platform for it. The renowned 8 components course is guaranteed to sell any product and anyone can use it anywhere. In addition, the agency sales method has been implemented in several categories and industries for individuals, brokers, distributors, professionals, companies and corporations.

“We have decided to select Teachable.com as a platform to share this valuable information with the world.” said the spokesperson of The Lonnie Beltmann Agency while introducing the course. “The slogan of this course is ‘Selling the Simple Way’ and it truly lives up to these words because it has made selling easier for many industries.” he added. The course is also featured on AgencySelling.com and is gaining an increasing amount of popularity in the sales industry because of its effective and practical techniques.

The Lonnie Beltmann Sales Agency is a Sales and Sales Training Company that is available to sell, resell or train people to sell their product. Moreover, the expert sellers at the company are available to assist any size organization in creating compensation plans that keep the revenue coming. From basics of a sale to more advanced components and the factors that contribute to a good closing are all addressed in the online course that has doubled the productivity of several businesses. Furthermore, it is a self-paced online course where one can learn at their own pace.

Another amazing feature about this life-changing sales course that can sell anything is that it is accessible for a lifetime. Once enrolled, a user gets full access to the entire course and all its contents for a lifetime. Moreover, it comes with a full money back guarantee and if the student is not happy with the course and its methodologies, they can get their full money back in the first 30 days since registration. This money back guarantee is to ensure the satisfaction of all those who want to take this course without any hesitation.

The agency sales method has been implemented in the categories and industries for individuals, brokers, distributors, professionals, companies and corporations. These include Solar, Cloud services and IT Service, Web/online portals, servers and services, Advertising, Print/Digital, Subscriptions and other technology and media related industries. In addition, industries such as Telecommunications, Film, Automotive, Landscaping, Gym Memberships, Insurance, Financial Services, Equities, Commodities, Stocks and most importantly, Real Estate services have also been sold using this method. Furthermore, smaller service such as plumbing to masseuse services have also seen an increase in the number of sales with this amazing course.

To register yourself today for the course, please visit:

www.AgencySelling.com or www.SalesTrainer.Teachable.com

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