73 Percent of All San Diego Water Damage could have been prevented

Nestled right up against the ocean, San Diego has almost everything someone would want. Sun, beach, fine living and all of the amenities that go with it. San Diego is also very close to, if not under, the water table. This means the opportunity for water damage is very real.

Pacific Flood Restoration is a San Diego water damage remediation service serving all of the metro and surrounding areas. From the statistical data the company has, it is fair to say that 73 percent of all San Diego water damage could have been prevented. The company has dealt with enough water damage from customers to have built a fairly solid list of suggestions to help prevent damage from occurring.

The company has come up with five excellent tips for anyone wanting to avoid water damage in San Diego.

Their suggestions include:

  • Having the roof inspected – Water damage frequently comes from the roof. Regular inspections keep leaks at a minimum.
  • Keep gutters clean of debris – Clean gutters pull moisture away from the home.
  • Plant wisely – Some plants will root into the septic and drainage system. This can cause serious problems in addition to water damage.
  • Avoid chemicals for clogs – A drain snake is a much better option than chemicals. Some chemicals can eat into the pipes under and in the home.
  • Calling for help immediately (Pacific Flood Restoration – offers 24/7 service).

Pacific Flood Restoration is one of the best San Diego water damage restoration service. The company has years of experience within the industry and have worked with many insurance agencies in the area.  This means helping the customer get back into the home quickly and with as little inconvenience as possible.

Learn more at www.pacificflood.com.

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