73% of Canadians Choose Healthy Diets for their Future Health, But What If Life’s Too Busy?

Adopting healthy lifestyles has turned into nothing short of a global movement and Canada is part of that shift. While there isn’t necessary a universal understanding of what that means, there are some patterns guiding people who want what’s best for their bodies and their families. A big part of that lies in nutrition and diet. While food preferences and eating habits have changed dramatically in the past decades, everyone can agree a healthy diet means consuming foods and drinks that contain the right amount of calories and nutritional value to keep up balanced energy levels.

A 2018 Nielsen survey has dived into the personal beliefs and perceptions of 5,810 Canadians as to what a healthy diet should look like. Among the key findings and quite frankly not surprising, over half of people in Canada (54%) believe that consuming more fruits and vegetables are essential for a balanced diet. They also state they are more mindful about the ingredients which may cause harm and are usually found in everyday products. Nearly half (49%) have moved to purchasing low-sugar foods, while 32% avoid products high in salt and 19% look for less fat on the ingredients list. Hand in hand with that, 23% are more attracted to small portions and 27% would purchase a product made of natural ingredients. As the common red thread that was observed, Canadians seem to be looking for foods in their original forms more than ever before. That means no additional, subtracted or artificial ingredients.

However, Canadian consumers are not only influence by ingredient lists, even though about 35% say they always read labels on food packages. Another important driver is the value transparency of a product and how clear the benefits are stated. The most attractive claims all scoring no less than 70% have to do with a product being made from vegetables or fruits, being low sugar or sugar free and high fibre. Canadians are also very much attracted by claims such as low salt (68%), natural flavours (67%) and whole grain (63%).

Statistics Canada has highlighted that 73% of Canadians who are choosing healthy food and beverages do so to take care of the quality of their future health. Despite this, with our hectic daily lives it is often times hard to keep track of calories and plan meals. Healthee Kitchen is a food delivery concept which is starting to take over Toronto, exactly because it makes planning healthy meals so easy and accessible. They work by making sure consumers have access to a wide range of food options that are equally balanced with the proper amount of nutrients and calories which are also delivered straight to people’s homes, ready to be savoured.

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