7 Steps Every Student Should Follow Before Dissertation Printing

People spend months researching and writing their dissertations. The document accompanies various images captured during data collection, infographics, headers, footers, formatting details, etc. All of these details should be reflected in the quality of the final dissertation printing. For this purpose, opt for reliable services that care as much as you care about your thesis. 

Whenever a student considers printing his thesis, some obvious questions pop up in his mind. Right after binding it in a document form, they worry about how to get it prepared for final printing. They stress about where to go to print dissertation into book? In this regard, there are certain things to consider for students before they print their dissertation. Below is the seven-step guide to follow to print your dissertation. 

What Are The 7 Important Steps You Should Follow Before Dissertation Printing?

After you have completed your dissertation, proofread and check for plagiarism, it’s time to take its print. Here, you have to choose the type of binding, colour of printing, paper type, thickness, etc. You need to choose reliable services. To make the right decision about it, we will describe all the options available in the upcoming section of the article.

Remember that the dissertation itself should be written well. If you have not taken care of formatting, font type and size, image alignment, infographics, etc., all the flaws will be reflected well in the final printing. Here, seeking dissertation writing services can be a better option. These experts are well knowledgeable about all the details to write it up to the standards.  

Let’s talk about the top considerations for dissertation book printing. 

1. The Dissertation Printing Options

Some printing configurations play a key role in the quality printing of your paper. It includes details on the type of paper, colour, and formatting. If you decide on colour printing, it will cost you more. However, a colour print is not necessary unless you are studying for a creative degree program such as fine arts. In the same way, the formatting details are important. Traditionally, a dissertation is printed by following a five-chapter format. However, sometimes, the manuscript format is also followed as guided by the university. 

2. Choosing Your Dissertation Binding

The dissertation printing and binding are equally important. The most suitable dissertation printing binding depends on the type of your paper. Comparing your thesis binding with the class assignment is not justified. Completing a thesis is a major milestone. So, the binding must justify the hard work you performed during your research journey. It means that a simple spiral binding is not appropriate. However, if you want to save copies of the thesis, then spiral binding can work and be cost-effective. 

3. The Price of Printing

The cost of printing matters the most. If you blindly ask the service provider to print the document, the invoice can make you scared. Typically, the printing price depends on the paper weight, number of papers and printing colors. To get the most affordable services you can visit several shops or online dissertation printing options to compare the prices. 

4. The Paper Size 

Are you wondering about the best paper for printing a dissertation? Most of the universities ask for A4 paper size. You need to follow similar guidelines even if you find better display options. However, some specific papers of your document, such as any map or technical drawing may best be placed on A3 size. 

5. Save the Thesis in a PDF

Saving your thesis in PDF is a life changer. If you save a file this way, the paper setting remains constant no matter which system you open it in. It will keep your dissertation printing font size, organisation and page setup intact. 

6. The Paper Type 

Typically, a 115-gram G-print paper is used for printing dissertations. It is because its G print is better. For instance, a master’s dissertation printing is done on 75–90 gsm paper. If you want to go with a more professional and durable paper type, then 100–130 gsm is better. A master thesis written by an expert can shine its quality uniquely in the final print. Therefore, an expert dissertation writer can better craft a quality paper. With years of expertise, they can provide you with a paper that can boost your academic excellence. 

7. Choose The Best Service Provider 

Last, but not least, look for a service provider who follows the standards given above. In the end, the paper quality is highly dependent on the source you choose. For expert advice, you can ask your friends or colleagues who have a good experience. Also, the internet is a good way to explore various options available in the market.  

How Should a Dissertation Be Printed?

The most common method used for PhD dissertation printing is thermal binding. This method is popular because of its short production time and being budget-friendly.  If you need a high-quality document, then you must consider this option. 

What Paper Is Used for Dissertation Printing?

By default, most of the print shops use 80g/m2 paper. However, there are some risks associated with using this paper. It can tear up quickly, and if you are taking a double-sided print of your paper, then the ink can leak to the other side. Here, using 100g/m2 can better protect the risk. 

Should Dissertations Be Printed Double-Sided?

You can print your dissertation one-sided or double-sided. Printing the double side of the paper will make your document half while single-side printing will make it look bulkier. It all depends on your institution’s guidelines. Mostly of universities demand single-sided printing. So, checking the guidelines before printing can better help. 

Should A Dissertation Have Pictures?

If you find relevant images, you must include them in your dissertation printing. It would be helpful for the examiner to see the keen details visually. However, the snaps you captured during data collection or experimentation must be part of it. Without its inclusion, your paper will be graded as incomplete.  


The dissertation printing process is as crucial as writing a dissertation. If you miss this crucial consideration, the whole quality of the paper may be overlooked. That is why we have provided the seven-step guide to help you out. These important tips can assist you get high-quality printed paper. 

The paper size, type, binding, printing technique, and, most importantly, the service provider you choose are important. Also, if you want a quality print of your document, before it the paper itself must be written professionally. To get a professional thesis write-up, seeking dissertation help online must be the top choice. These experts can take care of the details of the formatting that an inexperienced student can’t.

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