51 The Series is Coming Soon & the First Book is all set for the Release

This book series is a new take on where and what Area 51 really is: A series of five books will be like nothing else and will treat the readers like never before.

Elizabeth Reeder, an American author and single mother has announced that she will be seeking public support on Kickstarter to back her new book series called, ’51 The Series’. In order to back the first book of the series titled ‘The Beginning’, she is raising funds on Kickstarter and her goal is to raise $2000 by Friday May 12, 2017. Once the book achieves its goals and gets published, more books will follow and Elizabeth has promised that the readers will get the best of her work in this series. In addition, book 2 of this series will be titled, ‘51: The Storm’, book 3 will be called ‘51: Monsters’, book 4 is going to be ‘51: Secrets’ and the fifth book of this amazing series is yet to be named as the author has just started to work on the fifth one.

“This book is about a small county sheriff’s department in the Missouri Ozarks and would be normal, but this one is now receiving calls that involve strange creatures and paranormal activity. Fortunately the sheriff has the help of a federal agent that works on the local military base, unfortunately it is her husband and he has not told her what his job really involves.” Said Elizabeth Reeder while introducing the first book in the series. The book is full of suspense, mystery, thrill and action.

All funds raised from this campaign will be used for the publication of the first book in this series. Moreover, these funds will help Elizabeth pave the way for the remaining four books of this amazing series. She is welcoming generous support on Kickstarter and everyone is welcome to make their contributions on the link below:


About This Project:

51 The Series is a series of five books written by an inspiring American single mother. The books are masterpieces of her work and according to the readers, these books will be unlike anything available in the literature today. The author is now seeking public support and is welcoming everyone to back her.


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