50 year Old Lost And Replicated Diploma By Diplomacompany.com Left The Owner Shocked And Generated Heat On Social Media

26 July, 2017 – A fifty-year-old diploma certificate which was lost and replicated has created a huge buzz on social media with hundreds expressing disbelief, shock, and some others giving excellent recommendation to the company which replicated the lost certificate.

Then this past spring, nearly 50 years after Mary’s high school graduation, her daughter Melanie asked for a copy of mom’s old diploma for a family album she was putting together for her children. The diploma was nowhere to be found! Mary tried calling her old school, but they did not supply replacement diplomas for graduates so many years back. Mary’s task to get a copy of her diploma made seemed like it would be a mission impossible.

She stumbled on an online supplier of custom printed diplomas called diplomacompany.com. She initially held back from using the company’s service, but later changed her mind when she read about other people’s testimony of their services. She placed an order that same night, answering a few questions about her high school and date of graduations. The company would later ship out a complete replica of her Herbert High School diploma in less than 24 hours.

While I was still checking out the shipped diploma on the second day, I luckily found my original diploma certificate buried deep in her basement. I immediately compared the two documents, one by diplomacompany.com and the original company, and dazed by the level of resemblance and how the company gave striking attention to details.

Mary’s daughter, Melanie was so surprised that she posted a photo of both certificates on the internet, writing “my mom Mary lost her HS diploma fifty years ago. This site claimed they could replica it. Check out how close they got to it!” followed by the hashtag #amazing.” Just Melanie, many other people shared their views about the replica with some people writing about their disbelief and other shocked.

Mary and Melanie happily gave their recommendation, advising those looking to replace a lost or damaged diploma or trying to play a trick on a friend, (which is stated on the company’s website) to check out www.diplomacycompany.com  today!

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