5 Weeks to Summer Vacation for Schools Means Planning Starts Now, Remarks Face Painting Co. Bo Buggles

Group Activities, Play dates & Parties; All Great Times for the Creative & Educational Fun That is Face Painting

It may seems like it was only yesterday that we were packing away the ornaments and taking down the tree but spring has flown by and we are now only a few weeks away from the start of school summer vacations. The official start date in June 20th 2016 and whilst dates may vary from school to school by a few days, it is a good time to be reminded that a smooth hassle free summer with the kids always needs great planning in advance.

In a statement today by Bo Buggles, the Face painting kit for kids unltimate party pack manufacturer, they issued a friendly reminder to parents who may have forgotten that summer was so close at hand and suggested that when planning events for their children they might consider using face painting as a group activity for children as part of their plans as it can be a creative and educational exercise for children helping to while away the summer days, helping in a fun way to stimulate their children with positive creativity during the summer break.

A spokesperson for Bo Buggles explained, “Yes, it really is that time of year again! Summer is upon us and the holidays are only 5 weeks away. At Bo Buggles we know that parents will be planning ahead for the summer break. It is a long holiday and a great time when you are a child. As a face painting kit manufacturer we know that many outdoor activities will be being planned and we think there is no better activity out there that is more creative and fun for both children and parents than a planned face painting event. You can engage with parents and children from around the neighbourhood to create a whole day event where parents and children can get together. throw in a summer evening BBQ and you have a perfect summers day!”

The Bo Buggles face painting Kit for Kids Ultimate Party Pack contains everything you need to host a party event for children during the summer vacation. There are two variations to choose from that help save time when mixing colors, with a purple and pink pack and an orange and brown pack. The orange and brown pack does away with the mixing of colors for favourites like lion and tiger base colors. Each pack contains eight colors in total with 4g color palettes so there is more than enough paint for any group event or party. The packs also contain 2 glitter palettes and 2 brushes, one large, one small as well as 2 application sponges.

The spokesperson continued, “Face Painting can be educational, creative and fun. It helps aid social interaction and stimulates both sides of the brain. With a little forethought you can add some educational themes so the children will be learning and they won’t even notice!”

Both The Bo Buggles Face Painting Kit for Boys & Girls Ultimate Party Pack (Purple & Pink) and the new orange and brown variation pack are available to purchase exclusively on Amazon USA. Both packs contain  8 x 4g color palette plus two glitter palettes, 2 brushes and 2 sponges. For a limited time it may be possible to purchase both packs at a special discount price.


Bo Buggles is manufacturer and distributor of The Ultimate Face Painting Kit For Kids Party Pack and the New Orange & Brown variation face painting party pack available exclusively on Amzon.com

For further information about their face paint kit please go to their website at http://www.bo-buggles.com/

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