5 Ways to Get Candidates to Open Their Emails

Businesses often have to pursue the most desirable employees, especially for high-level positions. This flips the usual dynamic of prospective employees pursuing open positions. One of the most important ways companies can pursue prospective employees is through email.

However, it is common for highly talented and qualified professionals to get numerous emails from prospective employers. This makes it difficult for any business to get prospective employees to open their emails, much less respond to the email. Companies in this situation may have a hard time attracting gifted professionals from outside their organization, especially if the firm is not yet well-established.

However, companies can follow several best practices to get prospective employees to open their emails. These practices can help streamline the company’s recruitment and onboarding process. Read on to learn more about how companies of all sizes can get more prospective job candidates to engage with emails about job opportunities.

Tips for Getting Candidates to Open Emails

Only email candidates who have opted in

The first and most important thing that companies can do to get candidates to open their emails is to only send emails to those candidates who have opted in to the company’s email list. It may be tempting to email every qualified employee the company can find. However, employees often dismiss emails immediately if they have not opted in to receive emails about openings from the company.

This means the company will need to market itself to prospective employees to get them to sign up for the email list in the first place. Many businesses in this position focus their marketing efforts on LinkedIn and similar services targeted toward professionals.

Allow candidates to unsubscribe

Including an unsubscribe link in every email a company sends is essential, whether these emails are about job opportunities or other topics. This is because many spam filters will automatically mark emails as spam if they do not have an unsubscribe link.

If a company’s emails about career opportunities are rerouted to spam folders, it is likely the employee will never even see those emails. Even if they do, it is extremely unlikely that the candidate will actually open the email.

Don’t use clickbait titles

It may be tempting for businesses to use clickbait titles for their employment emails. These titles may work well for other types of emails, such as marketing emails. However, it is essential to remember that a company that sends emails about career opportunities must look professional to attract prospective employees.

Many prospective employees will view the usage of clickbait titles in such emails to be unprofessional. Also, clickbait titles may cause emails to be automatically categorized as spam by the candidate’s email service.

Write an impactful subject line

Writing an impactful subject line is the most crucial part of any corporate email, whether it’s a marketing email or a job opportunity email. Unfortunately, it is also the most difficult. The company needs to include the most unique and essential advantage of the position in a subject line for job opportunities.

Businesses should evaluate the position as a product and decide what its biggest unique selling proposition is. The subject line should be done in descriptive and clear language, but not in sales copy. Of course, this is easier said than done, and companies will likely have to determine the best email subject lines through trial and error. Firms with large budgets may even want to hire specialist email copywriters for this vital task.

Don’t bombard candidates with multiple emails

One of the worst things companies can do when sending out emails to prospective employees is email the same candidates repeatedly. This will likely result in these candidates blocking the company’s emails. It will also increase the likelihood that spam filters will catch these emails and candidates will never see them in the first place.

The employer should only email candidates about a position once until they receive a response. It is also bad form for an employer to continue to email candidates about a certain position after the prospective employee has already declined an offer.

The Benefits of Getting Candidates to Open Emails

Getting candidates to open job opportunity emails is a difficult task, especially when dealing with highly qualified candidates. However, businesses that follow best practices will see a higher open rate for their job opportunity emails.

This will give businesses access to a broader talent pool. Of course, businesses still have to entice these employees to accept job offers. However, in the end, companies with more effective job opportunity emails will be able to have a more talented workforce. This will result in higher levels of productivity and increased profits for the company.

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