5 Spotify Playlist Pitching Tips For Organic Spotify Music Promotion

The music industry is getting competitive with each passing day. Today influencers, venues, music promoters, radio stations as well as brands ask for the number of streams the band/artist has on Spotify to analyze their reach among the listeners. We at Trackpromoters help artists with Fully Managed Spotify Playlist pitching campaigns to Get Guaranteed Targeted Playlist placements through organic Spotify promotion services. We understand how important it has become today to make your presence felt on Spotify if you want to build a rewarding career in the world of music. But how? Right? Come, let’s check out a few tips on how to get more plays on your songs and promote yourself on Spotify!

Picking the playlist 

Only submitting your songs isn’t enough, you need to get placed in the right playlists if you want to reach out to the target audience. It’s very important to pitch your song to the appropriate playlist in order to avoid skips. Listen to the songs in the various playlists and identify the theme, genre, as well as sub-genre before pitching your song.

Song duration 

The duration of any song is extremely vital at a time when listeners are getting more impatient than ever. Curators design playlists in a way that will attract more listeners, so if your song upsets the flow and causes them to lose listeners then you won’t get featured for long on the playlist. So always keep in mind the song’s intro as well as the outro before pitching it to the curators.

Track development strategy 

When it comes to Spotify Playlist Pitching, it’s crucial to plan individually for every release and do not just make all your new releases, the Focus Track. Your Focus Track should be the one that’s the most popular among your fans & followers. So instead of changing it every time to your latest song, make a detailed track development plan before you release a new song.

Organic traffic 

When it comes to marketing, traffic is the only thing that matters. But it counts only if you are getting it organically. And the best way to do Organic Spotify Playlist pitching is through platforms like Spotify. The playlists on this platform is one of the top organic traffic sources like media features, TV synchs, social media, radio airplay, influencer mention, and whatnot. If utilized smartly and strategically Spotify playlists can give you a constant flow of highly optimized traffic. According to the experts, it’s always recommended to target 500 playlist listeners at first, then 1000, and then increase the number as you go.

Finding the right curators 

Another effective way of boosting your traffic inflow is by taking the help of the independent Spotify playlist curators & influencers who can add your music to the right playlist and give a massive boost to your profile on Spotify. But simply adding the songs to the top playlists won’t work unless the playlist caters to your target audience. This way you will waste your time & energy on the curators while your song will get skipped on the playlists. Only the Spotify playlist placement professionals have access to the top curators who would analyze your song and its target audience before adding it to any playlist. This way your song will be viewed and listened by only the users who prefer your genre.

While all these tricks can help you to get a decent number of followers online, there are so many other things that can play a huge role in your success in the industry. You need to identify the target audience, ample followers, high engagement, and countless other tools & techniques to reach out to people all over the world and make them fall in love with your music. Only spotify playlist pitching service professionals like Trackpromoters can assist you also with premium Real Soundcloud promotion services and give you the fame & recognition you deserve!

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