3V Aramid Fiber Electric Bicycle Launched on Indiegogo

World’s first aramid fiber electric bicycle is built with a military-grade special fabric that awards extra resistance and performance to an innovative electric bike

The 3V Aramid Fiber Electric Bicycle, the world’s first aramid fiber e-bike, has been launched today on Indiegogo, at <https://bit.ly/3arsIFZ>.

This one of a kind e-bicycle uses military-grade aramid fiber to add extra strength and extra durability to the bike.  Used to create body armors, bullet-proof vests, firefighters uniforms, and a world of other critical equipment created and used by the aerospace and military industries, aramid fiber is used for its excellent strength-to-weight ratio and heat-resistant properties.

“The safety of our backers and a perfect user experience led us to build the 3V with this truly unique fiber that offers a strong, lean and lightweight shield of protection to the rider,” Amy, one of the developers of the 3V Bicycle, said. The crowdfunder also highlighted the seat tube of the bike built with aramid fiber to offer extra shock absorption and ride comfort to the user.

Equipped with an original Shimano ten-speed variable speed system, an original Shimano front and rear double disc brakes, and a 3-adjustable-gear 350W motor, the 3V Aramid Fiber Electric Bicycle features a balanced equation of speed, safety and performance. The bike’s all-terrain tires also mean that users can rely on multi-surface tires to go on-road and off-road, whether it is to the beach, to the mountains, or even to snowy surfaces.

The handlebars are ergonomic and leather-based, blending riding comfort and style, another aspect that is also noticeable in the hidden wiring layout that gives the bike a clean appearance.

The bicycle’s code meter display screen shows the monitor speed, mileage, power, and other metrics, allowing the riders to know where she stands all the time. On the other hand, the bike is adjustable to multiple sizes, being easy to install and easy to adjust.

As an electric bicycle, the 3V includes an LG removable 36V battery with 20Ah cell capacity, with a battery lock function, featuring a 4-hour battery life with a 100km range.

The 3V Aramid Fiber Electric Bicycle campaign on Indiegogo at <https://bit.ly/3arsIFZ> is seeking to raise $50,000 to fund the large-scale production of the bicycle. Backers who support the campaign gain early and discounted access to the device.

For more information, please visit <https://bit.ly/3arsIFZ> or contact Amy, at info@3vfiber.com

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