3TREES Inorganic Incombustible Natural Stone Paint

This inorganic incombustible natural stone paint is a thick coating which uses inorganic silicate as an important film-forming material, added with natural color sand and functional additives. The product meets China’s national standard GB 8624-2012, and possesses Grade A resistance to combustion, as well as good weather resistance.

Product Introduction

The 3TREES Inorganic Incombustible Natural Stone Paint can produce highly three-dimensional effects. Possessing the natural, robust and elegant characteristics of natural stone, it can fully showcase the rich textures of natural stone. It is suitable for the wall decoration and protection of civil, rail transit, school and public buildings, as well as urban renovation, industrial plant and other buildings.

Product Properties
  • The inorganic nano materials of the product can undergo silicification reaction with the substrate, giving strong adhesion to the coating film.
  • The main ingredients of the product are inorganic minerals, which are difficult to burn or nonflammable.
  • The product has high surface hardness and good wear resistance.
  • The inorganic coating film of the product formed by chemical curing has excellent UV and weather resistance.
  • The inorganic silicate coating of the product is porous, breathable, and moisture-proof.
Product System:

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