3Epak® Paper Bottle Empowers The Fight Against Plastic Pollution

February 27, 2019 – Scarsdale, NY – 3Epack NA, Inc. announced that its 3Epak® Paper Bottle & Biodegradable Straw will be offered for the first time to U.S. consumers through the 3Epak® Kickstarter Campaign launched earlier today.

Consumers who support and enjoy the 3Epak® paper bottle will send a message, to the beverage industry, that they are thirsty – not only for fresh-tasting drinks, but also for urgent action against plastic pollution. More than 400 billion plastic bottles and aseptic cartons are produced – each year – and 80% of them are discarded into oceans and landfills.

The 3Epak® paper bottle provides75% biodegradability under natural conditions, 100% recyclability in standard recycling facilities, low cost and long shelf-life for non-carbonated beverages. These features are achieved by using biodegradable paper, together with a biodegradable “cornstarch” straw, and only 5 grams of plastic. The 3Epak® paper bottle components are not bonded together which enables easy separability, collection and recycling. If discarded most of the3Epak® paper bottle will harmlessly biodegrade. The bottle and its production methods are covered by issued and pending patents in the US and other countries.

The entire supply chain, for single serving, non-carbonated beverages, can benefit and fulfil their social and environmental responsibilities with the optimal combination of low costs, less waste, extended shelf-life, recyclability, biodegradability and compostability, provided by 3Epak® paper bottle. Competing technologies include PET bottles, aseptic cartons and standalone pouches.

The first batch of beverage filled 3Epak® paper bottles with biodegradable straws (offered under the brand MyEcoChoice®) will be produced by the existing 3Epak® prototype production line, located in Europe. The line is the product of more than six years of R&D and testing for efficiency, reliability and safety.

Additional information about the innovative 3Epak® paper bottle and technology is available at 3Epack.com

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