30 minutes Listening to Raj Shamani Will Prepare Youth better for Real-world Family & Business Nuances Than 3 Years in College

Raj Shamani draws from years of experience as a business professional. He has worked in small businesses across almost every industry. Through his natural ability to form connections with second-generation entrepreneurs and help them build their family businesses, he is changing mindset for many companies and helping them to succeed. Through his own experience with the family business, he was able to help his father’s company grow by over 10 times within just six months being in the place with business operations.

He brings some of this experience to the business world as well as being a regular educational resource for business professionals through his podcast, “Figuring it out with Raj Shamani”, through his various speaking engagements and affiliations with major brands like Forbes, Babson College and more. He can also be found regularly doling out advice in his Q&A show which is called Voices. Shamani has also been featured on platforms like ABC, FOX, Medium, Your story etc. And also contributes about his ongoing journey of everyday successes and failures on different platforms, by regularly contributing to business authorship opportunities, he is able to connect with more young entrepreneurs and share his experience to shape the worldwide business marketplace.

As a highly convincing speaker even at a young age, Raj Shamani is regularly invited to speaking engagements with over 70 keynote addresses in 18 countries before he turned 21 years of age. He has worked as a United Nations representative and one of the youngest Indian representatives to ever speak at the United Nations assembly in Vienna. As a toastmaster’s award winner and 2x TEDx speaker, he is regularly requested for his speaking engagements worldwide.

Many of his presentations focus on the ideas of:

–    skyrocketing sales,

–    reaching an international audience by traveling and marketing the world over

–    delivering advice on building influence within a business and more.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/Mv1TSuZGmSc

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/FWmsPUbo0J0

Shamani regularly delivers inspiring presentations on how young business owners can profit from their passions and start to see the marketing world in a brand new way.

Standing out in a crowded digital world can be extremely difficult but with some of the proven strategies that Raj Shamani has used as an entrepreneur, it could be possible to look at the idea of forming your brand and accelerating your progress as a business in a totally different way.

Seizing the ideal opportunity is also extremely important and Shamani will go on to help participants learn more about finding these opportunities across social media, speaking engagements and more. Through his knowledge and experience in seizing some of these opportunities, he has had the illustrious pleasure of speaking on stages for companies like Jaguar Land Rover, Forbes, Babson College, United Nations, TCS, Reliance and more.

In many of his presentations, Shamani will focus on the nuances of growing business with family. Touching on some of the topics that he has covered in his podcast as well as through some of his personal experience. By telling some of the stories associated with his family business he hopes to connect with second-generation entrepreneurs and first generation entrepreneurs so that they can spur growth into the future of their own businesses.

The base of Shamani’s experience comes from his proven success growing his father’s business more than 10 times the size within just six months of working within the business. By working as a family entrepreneur he is helping teach major corporations how they could learn from the process of treating their business as a family business.

As he is able to almost instantly connect with any second generation entrepreneur, he can help to create a bridge between second and first generation entrepreneurs to deliver the best tools that new start-ups could be using in order to leverage themselves in a digital market today.

Raj hopes to reach out to a wide audience of entrepreneurs and businesses to show them how they can grow their own branding and generate success in a worldwide marketplace. Voted as one of the top five young influencers in India for his work on Yourstory, Raj Shamani represents the future of young entrepreneurs.

The answer in today’s digital space is not always easy but with the help of a practitioner that can bridge the gap between generations and cultures, it could be possible for your business to start organizing like a family operation. Through the assistance of this speaking engagement, you could form some creative solutions that can guide your business into the future.


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