22Data BV Launches New Platform, to Offer Exclusive Access to Deals, Revenue Sharing, and Marketing Courses

They offer incentivized ads to users, which means that the network allows brands and companies to show video ads on their platform. 22Data BV. All members on the platform earn directly from these ads. Besides the deals and incentivized ads, the digital marketing network offers a Partnership Program.

Digital Marketing Network, 22data.net partnership program provides its members a business planel which includes offering thousands of discounts, deals, along with access to online marketing courses and adrevenue share.

Ingenious Digital Marketing Network, 22Data BV is thrilled to announce the launch of a user-centric platform – www.22data.net. This new platform is designed such that users get the opportunity to earn income form there partnership program while enjoying unlimited access to the 22Data online marketing mastery course.

The 22data.net platform also offers registered users over 10,000 international deals and promotions, a share of the ad revenue for every ad they view, and lifetime access to 28 hours of 22Data’s online marketing course all for a one-time fee of $60 or €50.

“We have built a truly user-centric platform. Our Members get access to thousands of discounts and deals internationally, get paid from every ad they view, access to 28 hours of online marketing course mastery,” said the Founders of 22Data.

From May 21, 2021, the 22data.net website will be fully functional and open to everyone from the ages of 18 looking to make a income and master the art of online marketing from a leading digital marketing network like 22Data BV.

About 22data.net

22Data.net is a Digital Marketing Network that seeks to connect individuals, advertisers, and brands on our platform. The platform allows exclusive members to benefit from receiving international promotional products, vouchers, and exclusive deals directly.

For more information about 22Data BV, and how to sign up, visit http://www.22data.net/.

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