2018 US-China Television and Film Innovation Summit: A platform for innovative filmmaking

The 2018 US-Chmit, builds on its record of bringing together the most important executives, producers, investors and creative professionals in Hollywood and China. “The Summit, which comes up on the October 27-28, is dedicated to bringing meaningful discussions on innovation in filmmaking,” said Donna Zhang, President of ICC. “It is hoped to open up a new channel of exchange and cooperation in new media, film and television co-production, content development and distribution between U.S. and China.”

“Dying to Survive”, a small budget film generated $450 million in China box office, is making its North America debut to screen at the opening of “US-China Television & Film Innovation Summit” on October 27 at American Film Institute. The summit will elaborate on October 28 at Raleigh Studios, partnering with Hollywood Film Festival, to discuss innovative filmmaking, editing and documentary, featuring accomplished filmmakers, editors and scholars from US and China. There will be a global premiere screening of Director Rui Wang’s latest release “Chaogtu with Sarula.”

Presented by International Culture Collaborative (ICC), China Film Association, China Television Artists Association and USC US-China Institute, the Summit will be exploring topics in film and television such as “Filmmaking Based-on-True-Stories”, “Editors v.s. Artificial Intelligence” and  “Documentary in This Era”.

The Summit will host many distinguished panelists and speakers, including business leaders, investors, producers, directors, and filmmakers. Keynote speakers include renowned film experts such as Stanley Rosen, a renowned expert in China film; Xingdong Wang, Vice President of China Film Association; Clayton Dube, Executive Director at USC US-China Institute; Zhanling Song, Director of Theoretical Research Division, China Film Association; Rui Wang, Head of Directing at Beijing Film Academy; Michael Jablow, Head of Editing at American Film Institute; Lynzee Klingman, Editor of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”,“Hearts and Minds”; Xinxia Zhou, President of China Film Editors Association; Jun Gu, Director of “Dream Weavers – Beijing 2008”; Dan Birman, Producer of Documentary “Me Facing Life: Cyntoia’s Story” and Suliu He, Director of the China Documentary Research Center.

The 2018 US-China Television & Film Innovation Summit is founded by China Federation of Literary and Arts Circle and rection of Literary and Arts Circle and received official endorsement from the American Cinema Editors (ACE). The summit looks forward to bringing together the many creative minds that will produce innovative ideas for the advancement of the industry.

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The International Culture Collaborative (ICC) is a US-based, not-for-profit organization with a mission to build a bridge in the name of art and culture to facilitate open communication, cooperation, and innovation between cultures.

For more information and to register for the conference, please visit http://www.culture-icc.org/2018-tv-film-innovation-summit-event

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