2018 Offers New Investment and Growth Opportunities, Says HK Financial

Shenzhen Shi, China – March 16th, 2018 –The New Year is still in its early phase, and it is not too late for investors to sketch out how they wish to see their money grow or protect themselves from any impending shocks. HK Financials, an innovative professional financial services firm, offers some tips and insights.

The year 2018 presents new opportunities and even technologies to utilize for growing a good portfolio and continuing the investment journey. The first strategy should revolve around saving on tax with the help of tax professionals. If tax changes have occurred in the investor’s country, such as in the US, then this is the time to save money with expert help.

Automated investing is now here with robo-advisors. Using machine learning and AI, robo-advisors can automate the investment portfolio on ETFs and mutual funds with the help of algorithms. Automated investing is fast, easy, with low fees, and can be set up easily.

Although cryptocurrencies are following a volatile trend, and the regulatory aspects are hardly clear, investors should keep an eye on this mode of investment without giving in to the lure of high returns. A regulated and secure crypto-currency environment should clear the way for safe investments in the future.

For loans, interest rates should be watched and variable rates compared with fixed interest rates. Whether it is a mortgage, credit card debt or student loan, high interest rates aren’t good for those who have opted for variable interest schemes, and they should look for conversion to a fixed interest scheme.

HK Financial is a specialist in offering holistic and individually tailored client-centred care in a range of investment fields. It uses an independent and objective approach to asset management to offer a wide range of life products, protection and wealth accumulation solutions.

Among the products and services, HK Financial provides audit and assurance services to private, public and international companies across various sectors, business risk services, integrated corporate finance offerings, equity and commodity trading to all varieties of traders, as well as recovery and re-organization, financial advisory, taxation advice, information technology, sustainability reviews, carbon accounting, assurance and integrated reporting.

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HK Financial is an innovative professional financial services firm which specializes in holistic and individually tailored client-centred care for all of an individual’s financial needs that enriches the business ventures and personal lives of our clients by appropriately positioning and protecting what they have today, planning for what they want in their future and preparing the path by which they’ll reach their goals.

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