2017 Rug Trends Confirm Prevalence Of Minimal Aesthetic

USA – The influence of the Scandinavian concept of coziness “hygge”, as well as the effect of the mainstream success of books extolling the virtues of maintaining a tranquil, minimally-furnished and clutter-free environment, is evident in consumers’ interior design choices, as the sales of eclectic, single-color or elegantly patterned rugs have skyrocketed during the first quarter of the year.

Instead of spending a significant amount of money on poorly made rugs, just so they can keep up with the latest fads in interior design, customers choose to invest in quality carpeting, trusting in industry experts to help them reliably furnish their homes with the best rugs available on the market. Industry mavens have reached household name status, as their carpets and rugs have become synonymous with lasting quality and refined aesthetics.

Brown Jordan Rugs’ media representative spoke of the criteria with which customers must approach any new carpeting purchase, saying “It is important to ask questions, and not simply rely on what is written on labels -it’s often difficult to interpret what each sign stands for, while the average consumer is not well-versed in the several different textiles used in carpet making. An industry expert should have in-depth knowledge of the construction process, as well as be able to provide with advice on what type of rug would suit each client’s needs and lifestyle best.”

He continued by listing the advantages of synthetic polyolefin fiber rugs, saying that “These fibers are known for their durability, as they can be woven into an extra-strong cable, which protects them from qualitative and quantitative degradation – they can be used throughout the year, and can be installed either indoors or outdoors. What’s more, synthetic polyolefin fiber rugs stand out for their rich texture, color depth and easy maintenance. We constantly hear back from customers who appreciate the fact that they can create a cohesive interior design scheme, without worrying that their rugs might fade or that their edges will unravel after minimal use. When it comes to investing in lasting interior design pieces, there’s no question that synthetic polyolefin fiber rugs is the answer to timeless carpeting.”

For more information about this industry, you can visit Brown Jordan Rugs at www.brownjordanrugs.com, who is an expert in the field.

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