20 Top Interior Designers Maestros Share Their Tips & Tools

The New And Reclaimed Flooring Co has interviewed some of the top interior designers across the UK and have published a guide for the audience.

The New And Reclaimed Flooring Co is a trusted name which is known to have served many commercial and residential interior designing purposes for several years. They can enhance the beauty of your house but in an eco-friendly manner. They keep in mind not bringing down many trees which is a threatening act towards the environment. Hence, the use of such environment-friendly good is encouraged. They give you a wide range of reclaimed oak and pine wood to choose from.  You can always count on them for the best suggestions and service. Their work is a true piece of craftsmanship, and the durability of the patinas also ensures the longevity of the wood. These patinas can very well incorporate the traditional and antique taste as well as the modern designs.

It is essential to maintain a balance in between the artistry of interior designing and the flooring. They should go well together. If you are planning to renovate your house, we have a list of top interior decorators who will guide you through. Cherie Lee interior designing puts to use the concept of using glass and steel to put barriers and separate larger areas. This is also an elegant style of interior designing while Jaoa Bothelo of Casabothelo likes experimenting with colours, textures, patterns and the right kind of furniture and accessories to compliment them.

Engaging Interiors emphasizes more on combining art and science. The involvement of technology in all the products used is an outcome of science while the light and shadow cast on the room by the sunlight is a work of art. Mk Design has its work inspired by Andrew Putman. Their professionals derive their innovativeness from the experiences gathered while travelling. Knof Design relates more to the elements of nature. Deborah of Design By Deborah believes that different rooms should be designed differently. Like, the kitchen should have a look that is different from the drawing space.

Apart from these above mentioned companies, there are also some other interior designing companies that can give your house a perfect makeover some of which are Run for the Hills, Meraki Design, Pascoe Interiors, Galuchat Design, Caroline Cobbold Design, Knof Design, Maurizio Pellizzoni Ltd., Neil Tomlinson Architects, Topology, Callender Howorth, Cave Interiors and Kinnersley Kent Design. All of these interior designing companies have professionals who can beautify your house in a way that you will not stop receiving praises for it. They provide the best advice on home decor, and at the same time, they keep your choices and desire in mind so that they can proceed with the designing accordingly.

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