180,000 Injured a Year Shows Need for More Safety Awareness by Runners, Walkers & Cyclists, Claims Reflective Vest Manufacturer

10,000 Killed & 180,000 Injured Statistics Are Reminder for Need to Stay Visible

The US statistics on accidents involving  runners, walkers, cyclists or motorcyclists are a stark reminder to everyone for the need to be aware and take all necessary precautions to ensure safety. When accidents occur between people from these groups and a vehicle, there is only ever going to be one outcome and it is not in favour of the walkers, cyclists and motorcyclists.

Reflective vest manufacturer MoonRunner, today in a statement, called for more awareness  to the dangers and the need  to take precautions to become  as highly visible as possible to drivers when venturing outdoors in all weathers and all light conditions.

Spokesperson Jessica Thompson explained, “We are taught basic road safety at school level but it seems that we forget much of the dangers of the road as we get older. The national statistics are a stark reminder of the dangers we face on or near the roads and the best way of avoiding becoming one of the statistics is to be as highly visible as you can be. It is true that not every accident in these statistics could have been avoided but it is also true that if you take every safety precaution to be seen by vehicles it can be said that you have done everything humanly possible to avoid being involved in an accident and will be much less likely to become a statistic.”

She continued, “As a manufacturer of safety clothing we try our best to bring people’s awareness to the dangers and provide  solutions that are available to help reduce the risks. Entertainment technology today has not helped. By that I mean that when runners and cyclists are listening to music on their cell phones and similar, they can be unaware of the traffic noise around them. They need to offset this increase in risk this behaviour poses and ensure they are so visible to motorists from a long distance.   Drivers then become aware of their presence and keep an eye on their movements as they pass.”

MoonRunner is the manufacturer and distributor of the MoonRunner Reflective Safety Vest for runners, walkers, joggers, cyclists and motorcyclists. The Deluxe version of the fluorescent safety vest comes in two  sizes and is made from the highest quality 3M Scotchlite and adjusts via Velcro straps to fit most sizes and give a full 360 degree visibility range when worn. The vest also contains a hidden pocket so that wearer can easily store items such as their iPhone or Android device and will accommodate the latest models by Apple and Samsung such as the iPhone 6 or Samsung S6. The product also includes two reflective strips that may be used as wrist or ankle bands to further enhance visibility and a laundry bag for storage and washing.

Jessica Thompson said, “As human beings we are fallible. So it is important to realise that, if you accept that you can’t see everything, make sure everything can see you!

The MoonRunner Reflective Running Safety Vest (deluxe) is available exclusively for purchase on Amazon USA. For a limited period, the vest will be available to purchase at a discount to its RRP (Recommended retail price).


MoonRunner Retail is the manufacturer and sole distributor of the MoonRunner Reflective Running Safety Vest (Deluxe). The vest can be purchased on Amazon USA and for more information please go to their product page at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B01C34D6QK

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