100 Million Year Old ‘Australis Shell Patch’ is All Set for Auction

Australia, October 18, 2016 – The monthly rarities auction of the online auction house Opal Auctions will feature a rare piece of natural Australian history – an opalised ‘Australis Shell Patch’ over 100 million years old, found in Coober Pedy in Australia. The shell patch is expected to go for over $100,000.

This October, the monthly online auction from Opal Auctions will feature beautiful Opals that are hard to find elsewhere, including a mystery Opal. The highlight of this auction will be the opalised shell patch, which is over 100 million years old. The shell patch contains clams, gastropods and even fish vertebrae that are either partially or completely opalised. The patch dates back to the time when most of Australia was under water. The large inland sea contained highly concentrated water and silicate and opal producing minerals.

The one of a kind shell patch weighs approximately 100 kg (242 lb), and measures 36 x 24 x 12 inches. “This shell patch is a unique piece of Australia history. The likes of which may never been seen for sale again” says Wayne Sedawie, founder of Opal Auctions.

The October months birthstone is Opal, and the ongoing online auction feature a wide variety of this popular stone. This month will see a Boulder Opal, Crystal Opal, Natural dark Ethiopian Opal, Mexican Opal, Mintabie crystal Opal, and a mystery Opal. The grand highlight of the month however is the Australis Shell Patch, whose new owner will be decided soon.

Opal Auctions is the world leader in online Opal auctions, generating over $15 million in sales of natural Opals from vetted and reputable sellers, Opal cutters, dealers and miners. Founded in 2004, it is a direct Opal platform with field prices, and is the industry leader selling over 270,000 Opals to over 68 countries by Verified Sellers.

For more Information, please visit:  www.opalauctions.com

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