Sami Habib business man with a heart of gold

A very famous person once said, “It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” Sami Habib, San Francisco Bay Area business man epitomizes those words. Sami Habib is a very successful businessman who is known for his charity work and giving to the community. He is one of those few individuals who create opportunities to share their wealth and kindness with less fortunate.  Time and again he steps up to help and empower the community in whichever way he can.

His motto in life is ‘help and share”. One time he donated a few truckloads of school supplies to an educational charity. Every year at his hosted events he allows various charities to raise money for their own cause. Many charity organizations that he supports hit their goals because of his kindness.

Sami said, “Hope brings happiness” and that’s what he has been doing. He was 9 when he started working for his family’s businesses and since that young age he would give a portion of his earnings to different causes close to his heart.

Philanthropy cannot be taught, it is a characteristic of soul and people like Sami Habib are born with it. He always tries to give and create opportunities so others can succeed.

Sami Habib is indeed a man who will leave an indelible mark on your soul when you meet him; he is big hearted individual with warm personality and a heart of pure gold that shines and illuminates people who are in the need of help.

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