PED offers world’s lightest (1-2lb), easiest to install, and smartest cycling power accessory!

These new, smart, 1 and 2 lb electric power cycling enhancements promise more fun and fitness!

Introducing: Outrunner – a super lightweight, solar charging, smart cycling enhancement for folding and road bikes!

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We are offering models for 12lbs – that require no skill or tools to install and just  20-30 the second installation with various models priced from $199- $299.

They are so small and light that some models fit in your pockets- it’s a new cycling enhancement for bikes, large and small and folding.

Outrunner was conceived and designed as a low cost, easy to install and use cycling enhancement.  Using a simple quick release clamp for simple installation, it provides a  balance of human power and electric power for your bike.

Outrunner promises more efficient fitness and fun. The more effort you make the more help you get from it’s 250-300 watt motor systems. “We want to start a new revolution in cycling and fitness”, says Joe Stevenson – an old hand in brushless motors and electric transportation.

With the systems proprietary STR (Simulated Torque Response control), it has the intent to make cycling and exercise simply more fun and effective, but not replace individual effort, the state reason most of us give for purchasing new bikes.

It is well known that maintaining a steady cadence can increase one’s exercise value and a small electric assist allows the rider to greatly extend their staying power. 

“We  created a fusion of human and electric power to flatten hills,  to ‘hold your own’ with stronger riders, and allow you to go farther,” says John Bishop, one of PeDrive’s founders.

The new systems will fit on a wide range of standard bikes, and also including most folding bikes by offering multiple mounting options, including specific packages for Dahon, Brompton, Bike Friday, Euromini.

The system is designed for a top assisted speed, in the US of 20 mph(32kph) and Europe and Asia at 16mph (25kph) or customized for your application, for larger volume customers.

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