Why New Laser Hair Removal Therapy Offers Heightened Comfort and Faster Results

In the world of aesthetic treatment, constant innovation has meant more can be achieved at less cost to comfort and wellbeing. The rise in availability of non-invasive procedures has unsurprisingly been highly popular, with its promise of an end to the extreme pain of surgery and the long, delicate healing process.

Laser hair removal is one such innovation and while it has not had to supplant surgeries that are quite as painful as some aesthetic treatments, it still guarantees extra comfort, speed and effectiveness compared to some older methods. Wax stripes that tear away patches of hair or long phases of tender, stinging manual hair plucking have been consigned to the past by the use of lasers in removing unwanted hair.

Canada MedLaser, a specialist clinic offering services in Mississauga, Vaughan and Newmarket, uses the GentleMax brand of lasers for its service that guarantees results while also being relatively quick and painless. And for a limited time, they are currently offering a 40% discount for laser hair removal bookings.

The hair removal process works by delivering light energy in the direction of hundreds of hair follicles at the same time, either damaging or destroying them and preventing the hair from growing back. The laser pulses twice per second, which is quicker than older laser therapy technologies. Due to its heightened effectiveness, Canada MedLaser suggests patients may only need between four and eight treatments – although an unlimited treatment plan is also available for more complex procedures.

While new laser therapy technologies have created extra speed and effectiveness, they have also enhanced the level of comfort for patients. The GentleMax laser uses a special cooling technology where a cryogen spray is applied to the treatment area in a quick burst, right before the laser begins pulsing. This speeds up the overall treatment because there is no need to numb or lubricate the skin beforehand. Extra treatment in the form of topical anaesthetic cream is also available if required, which can vary depending on where the treatment is being conducted – the legs, cheeks, lips, back, underarms or arms.

Anyone undergoing the GentleMax treatment could find some mild redness or swelling immediately after treatment, which is actually a sign that the follicles are responding well. Patients are also advised not to continue plucking or waxing once treatment has started, and to apply sunscreen to treated areas afterwards.

At Canada MedLaser, all therapists have had the necessary training and accreditation to carry out laser hair removal. Cases of treatments carried out by unqualified individuals have included severe cases of burns and scarring, underlining the importance of checking the credentials of any clinic before undergoing treatment.

A spokesperson for Canada MedLaser said: “At Canada MedLaser, all our staff have undergone the necessary specialized training that meets government standards and are under full supervision by qualified clinicians. People should beware of services offered by untrained, non-accredited clinics and individuals, which often advertise services at suspiciously cheap rates.”

About Canada MedLaser

Canada MedLaser offers services in laser clinics based in Newmarket, Vaughan and Mississauga. More information on their laser hair removal service can be found on their website.

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Why The Maintenance And Repair Of Garage Doors Ensures Security And Visual Appeal

The garage is a classic feature of many homes, although its relatively unglamorous image means it is easy to take it for granted. While the typical garage may be cold, dirty and a storage spot for unappealing tools and materials, however, homeowners neglect their upkeep at their peril – not only does the appearance of a garage add considerable value to a home, their hugely diverse uses can make them indispensable.

These uses might include storage for vehicles or heavy duty outdoor equipment; the garage might also double as a makeshift gym or a workspace area for labour-intensive physical work. In all cases, the items stored within are likely to be expensive and in need of secure protection – which places extra importance on the quality and state of the garage door. Factor in the potential exposure to pollutants that are common inside garages, and there is extra requirement for the garage doors to be properly maintained.

“Garage doors have always needed to be resilient because of pollutants and extreme weather, but technological developments have made maintenance even more pressing,” says a spokesperson for Canada Garage Doors, a Vaughan-based specialist company in repairing and maintaining garage doors. “This is because modern garage doors now come in a variety of materials and feature increasingly sophisticated mechanisms and other technological features.”

Canada Garage Doors have a wide range of repair and maintenance services to cover all aspects of modern garage doors. They can also install new garage doors from scratch, including material such as steel that provides extra durability and protection against corrosion. The garage door range also includes traditional wood, which comes in a flexible collection of design styles and patterns and has the option of adding composite materials or glass accents.

Garage door openers are another aspect of a garage that the company can repair, whether it is an issue with a chain or the remote control of a more modern garage door opener. Whatever the system for activating a garage door’s opening, the cables that pull the door up are fairly ubiquitous – and due to their repeated heavy duty work, are susceptible to wear and tear and breakage. Securing replacements at the first sign of fraying can save a lot more work and money further down the line.

Using a keypad to open and shut a garage door is a straightforward but secure method of controlling garage access, and Canada Garage Doors can both install and repair such systems. This service includes retuning the keypad or calibrating it in cases where it has appeared to stop working.

Canada Garage Doors also assists with choosing the most suited installation from a variety of garage door types, and can repair them – this includes rollup garage doors, and overhead garage doors that require strong, quality cables and robust wall and ceiling-mounted tracks. With tracks being susceptible to wearing out, or to the displacement of loose rollers, Canada Garage Doors also provide a full repair and maintenance service to avoid damaging mishaps.

About Canada Garage Doors

Canada Garage Doors are based in Vaughan, Ontario and have over a decade of industry experience. They work in both the commercial and residential sectors and offer a 24/7 emergency service to customers. As well as providing servicing, repair and installation to customers, Canada Garage Doors also provides annual maintenance of garage doors and door openers.   

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The List of Devices Every Canadian Household Worried About Security Should Know About

According to the Toronto Police Service, the months of October, November and December are when most breaking and entering cases occur. With as many as 3,238 break-ins having happened just last October. In addition to this, shocking studies have shown that properties which have been burglarized, have a 12 chance of being burglarized again.

In face of such findings, an established CCTV and security camera provider has pulled together a list of recommendations for security enhancement devices every household can easily adopt.

There are a number of ways anyone can protect themselves from burglaries and break-ins. While it might not be avoidable every single time, having one or more of the following devices will definitely decrease the chances of a break-and-enter into homes.

  1. Nest Smart Lock – As the name suggests, this smart lock does not require a key to open and lock doors. While this might sound like something from a science fiction movie, it’s actually a proven way to maintain the security of a home, while also never having to second guess and worry if the door was actually locked. The key is replaced with a phone app where the owner controls access for everyone and has the option to keep track of those who come in and leave the property at all times.
  2. Nest Hello Video Doorbell – This doorbell has everything anyone would ever want from a security camera – and more. On one hand it benefits from HDR imaging, 24/7 streaming, and night vision, and is designed to resist extreme weather conditions, while on the other it allows the owner to control everything from their phone app – including talking!
  3. Yale Smart Lock – For those who feel like the Nest Smart Lock might be a bit too much for them, this lock is still key-less however it works slightly different. It comes with an alarm attached to it and it allows for up to 20 users accommodating a mix of 20 unique pin codes, key cards and tags.
  4. Ring Smart Lock – To set this one up, all that needs to be done is using the existing peephole to fix the device without having to do anything else. Similar to the others, this smart lock also comes without a key. What sets the Ring Smart lock apart is the long battery life together with the Flex-Lock option it comes with. This means the automatic locking feature can be easily disabled just by flipping the interior side into a vertical position.
  5. August Smart Lock – What impresses most about this smart lock is its innovative design and easy installation (under 15 minutes). Similar to the others, it comes without a key however it’s easily attachable to a deadbolt which means that owners who truly want to keep using a physical key as well, still can. A sensor locks and unlocks the door upon arrival if set up and it also comes with a security camera solution.

About CCTV Systems

Serving the Greater Toronto Area, CCTV systems prides in offering services that are private, secure and cutting-edge. All of their products are rooted in security camera solutions using the most advanced technologies to keep residences safe.

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How Innovative Therapies are Tailoring Treatments for Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues are complex, with often widely differing causes and symptoms. Because of the inherently unpredictable and unique nature of mental health issues, it means they also require treatments and therapies that are equally unique – there is no one-size-fits-all in mental health therapy.

In recent years, clinicians and institutions that specialize in treating mental health issues have demonstrated genuine innovation in developing new and unusual treatment approaches. Therapies now range from the traditional counselling and addiction detox, to the more creative and holistic such as art therapy, music therapy and even horticultural therapy.

“In the distant past, too often the go-to solution for mental health conditions – as with physical conditions – was either medication or intense one-to-one counselling and analysis,” says a spokesperson for Addiction Rehab Toronto, a specialist clinic that tackles a range of issues from addiction to various hard and prescription drugs, gambling and alcohol, to sex addiction, post-traumatic stress disorder and general anxiety and depression. 

“But in many cases, this is simply not necessary nor the best solution. For example, art therapy provides a creative outlet for patients to express their fears, anxieties and addictive needs through imaginative exercises that use a variety of different artistic forms. We often find that channelling difficult thoughts and feelings through art can help patients communicate their deepest concerns.”

The clinic also offers music therapy, which is another way of channelling individual emotions and enabling patients to get themselves into a healthy state of mind. This can be through karaoke, dance and movement therapy, mindfulness, using instruments or even writing actual songs. The clinic’s specialist teams also conduct this in a group setting, to let people know they are not alone in their current difficulties.

Addiction Rehab Toronto also provides more traditional therapies such as one-to-one counselling, cognitive behaviour therapy, psychotherapy and anger management. It is fully accredited and staffed by a diverse, specialized team of experts in their field, including therapists, addiction specialists and addiction counsellors, while there are also regular visits from personal trainers, art therapists, music therapists, yoga instructors, nutritionists and social workers.

In addition, the clinic provides treatments of a more physical nature, including yoga, pilates, reiki healing and Muay Thai, which offer numerous benefits to those who are best suited to this type of therapy.

The clinic’s more physical therapies are designed for those who would benefit most from exercises in improving strength, dexterity and their cardiovascular system, which often has a knock-on effect for their mental health. Such therapies also teach responsibility and self-reliance and can boost confidence through the very empowering effects they have from a physical perspective.

Self-reliance is at the heart of another recovery program the clinic offers, called Smart Recovery. Using approaches normally associated with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Smart Recovery aims to empower individuals to overcome their own difficulties themselves. The program has a four-step set of what it describes as “teaching lessons”, which begins with embedding abstinence, followed by finding the causes of triggers and cravings, before turning the focus towards the individual’s own thoughts and feelings that may be negatively affecting their life, and finally encouraging a healthy lifestyle that helps prevent any relapses.

About Addiction Rehab Toronto

Addiction Rehab Toronto is a specialist clinic that can assist with a range of mental health issues and provides services across many areas in Ontario. More information on their range of services can be found on their website.  

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E-bikes and Electric Scooters Are Wheeling in a Transport Revolution

Electric bikes and scooters have been growing in popularity around the world recently, creating a new and flourishing micro mobility industry. While Asia and Europe are leading the way, Canadian cities are no strangers to this either. Due to their versatility, being easy-to-use and most importantly, the environmental benefits, people of all ages have been dropping their cars and public transport passes in favour of e-bikes and electric scooters.

A number of international studies have been looking into this. One specific one conducted in the UK has shown that electric scooters have the potential to cut journey times by up to 70% in comparison with cars. Another has come to even suggest that they can are to beat electric cars in terms of lessening traffic congestion.

Epic Cycles is on mission to encourage uptake among Canadians

Epic Cycles has been working for nearly a decade to find the right recipe for innovation in electric bicycles and scooters, and they are now ready to bring it to as many Canadians as possible.

“Transportation is so important in our modern age. It has now evolved to be more than just getting from place A to place B. It’s actually embedded in every part of our society and with increased urbanization and a rising climate threat, people have been turning away from cars and other transportation means and finally embracing cycling and scootering more. Our company has anticipated this shift and we embarked on a journey from early on to ensure that when it will happen, we will have the right product out there on which people can rely everyday”, explained a key spokesperson for Epic Cycles.

Which Canadian cities are at the forefront?

There are a number of Canadian cities already known as cycling ones. The city of Vancouver has more residents riding to work than in any other major city from across the country with the number having increased from just over 4% in 2016 to 6.1% in 2017, and over half of all residents (56%) saying they are interested in cycling more often.

Other cities such as Calgary, Edmonton or Montreal also have programs for electric bicycles and scooters up and running. The growing trend has also given birth to a new business opportunity for rental companies which is why Epic Cycles says it’s even more important than ever to be able to rely on the quality of these products in an affordable way.

About Epic Cycles

Driven by a purpose to offering a green solution to travel, Epic Cycles has been focused on creating the ideal design for electric bicycles and scooters that can suit any situation. Whether it’s for a student rushing to get to classes, a business person looking to decrease their carbon footprint, a parent picking up their kids from school or an older person going shopping, the Epic Cycles products promise to make every journey safe, convenient and fun.

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Green Roofing for Industrial Properties Gains Momentum Across Canada

Climate change is probably the biggest threat humanity is facing and finally more and more businesses are coming to this realization and putting actions in motion. While many are turning their heads to ways of cutting down on carbon emission and disposing of waste, having an integrated plan that addresses every single environmentally damaging gap will be the only way towards a sustainable future.

An important part of this relates to the functionality of the buildings themselves. Managing the impact of industrial roof systems means assessing and making an informed decision based on what impact the chosen materials will have across the cycle – from manufacture, transportation, coverage, replacement and recyclability, to the performance of insulation.

Green roofs are more than just one option

Having a green roof installed can mean more than just adding solar panels to it. Thanks to advances in technology design and manufacturing, green roofing can offer industrial properties with a number of options to meet their unique needs.

At a very basic level, a green roof tends to be partially or completely covered with vegetation. The benefits of adopting such a solution are endless. The property will benefit from a sustainable drainage system in the event of excessive rain having been shown to be able to retain as much as 75% of the water. It also acts as an effective insulator and reduces energy consumption, as well as the obvious benefits of playing a crucial role in cleaning air quality and creating biodiversity.

It is understandable however that these solutions can only be adopted by certain industries and under certain circumstances. This is why a green roof can also mean an eco-friendly roof. This can be achieved by making informed decisions around the materials used for roofing. For instance, clay roof tiles are more environmentally friendly than cement ones. Reclaimed roof tiles on the other hand have a lower impact on carbon emissions during the manufacturing process.

Only a specialist can give the right recommendation

Royal Commercial Roofing is a Toronto-based roof installer and repair company with a long-standing heritage of over 30 years. As a result of this, they are well-versed in evaluating and making an informed recommendation when it comes to industrial roof installation, repairs or replacements.

“Green roofs are all the hype right now which is great to see. However, as specialists when advising our clients, we need to keep in mind other aspects of feasibility. For example, a flat industrial roof can be an excellent option for a so-called living roof. We have been having a number of conversations with existing and prospect clients around not only the environmental benefits, but the financial ones too. Estimates say that such a roof can save money long term due to their long lifespan and reductions in energy spending”, said a Royal Commercial Roofing spokesperson.

About Royal Commercial Roofing

Experts at Royal Commercial Roofing in Toronto have one mission: to deliver solutions at the highest of standards. With a far-reaching client portfolio which encapsulates various industries from retail to hospitality, their team has been building on a legacy of over 30 years of quality craftsmanship and impeccable customer service.

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CKO Chatham Celebrates New Ownership with a Grand-Opening

CKO Chatham Celebrates New Ownership with a Grand-Opening

The popular cardio-kickboxing franchise, CKO Kickboxing, will be celebrating the new ownership of CKO Chatham on September 21st, 2019 with their well-known high-energy kickboxing classes open to everyone. The highly anticipated event will begin this Saturday at 9:00 am and run through 2:00 pm. There will be multiple classes, prizes, a DJ, vendor giveaways, and other surprises from the new CKO franchise owners, Dimitri Joseph and Joel Wu.

“CKO is all about community and achievement,” stated Dimitri Joseph. “Joel and I are incredibly excited to spread that legacy even further in Chatham, New Jersey, and the surrounding areas. We’re not just looking to be another gym choice for people, but in true CKO Kickboxing style, we’re looking to help people achieve their goals together.”

CKO Kickboxing Chatham will feature a multitude of cardio-kickboxing classes throughout the week that will allow members at any level of fitness to workout with their own heavy-bag. CKO Chatham already has a large community of members ranging from 18 through 65 and older. Gloves are required but CKO Chatham is running a “Triple Play Special” for new guests that include three classes and gloves for just $20.00.

“The purpose behind CKO Kickboxing is to take away the stressors of life and help people focus on ways to improve together,” explained Joseph Andreula, CEO, and founder of CKO Kickboxing. “We lose weight, we get stronger, and we get rid of stress in classes but the most important part is that we do it all together. Our support system is all about positive results for everyone and we understand that everyone does things at their own pace. We celebrate all achievements together, every chance we get.”

CKO Kickboxing is a gym with one-hour classes anyone can take that incorporate a real heavy bag, real kickboxing moves, and the addition of body-weight sets to get your heart rate up and body fat down. The music is always pumping and the trainers are always calling out new moves during the class to keep you active and engaged. Any age, any size, and any person can go at their own pace to lose weight, build muscle, reduce stress and have a fun workout that takes them to the next level of fitness.

For more information on CKO Chatham, please visit: www.CKOCHATHAM.com

For more information on CKO Kickboxing, please visit: www.CKOKICKBOXING.com

For more information on franchising, please visit: www.CKOFRANCHISING.com

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Cleantasticâ„¢ is Experienced in all Sectors of Commercial Cleaning

Melbourne, Australia – Sep 19, 2019 – Commercial enterprises are held to strict rules concerning cleaning and sanitation measures and it’s an area in which Cleantastic™ excels. The company has highly-trained professionals that are experts at commercial cleaning and the high standards required in multiple environments.

Commercial and office cleaning is available for companies of any size. A clean workplace environment has a positive effect on revenues and worker productivity. It demonstrates to potential clients that a business cares about its image, reputation, and clientele.

One of the most common sources of student illness and absences is the spread of bacteria and viruses in the classroom. Cleantastic™ provides kindergarten and childcare centre cleaning and disinfecting that inhibits the spread of communicable conditions.

Medical cleaning and similar environments that require an elevated level of sanitation are a specialty at Cleantastic™. The company is well-versed in the requirements needed to provide a safe and hygienic environment that acts as a barrier to illness and contamination.

Gymnasiums, fitness centers, and yoga studios have experienced an increase in business as more people adopt a healthier lifestyle. They’re also prime locations for the growth of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Cleantastic™ provides all types of gym and fitness cleaning that leaves businesses an attractive and disinfected space to get fit.

The restaurant and hospitality industry must be clean and present an aesthetically pleasing appearance at all times. The professionals at Cleantastic™ have an eye for detail that has made the company one of the most highly sought for hospitality and restaurant cleaning within the industry.

Childcare cleaning, car dealerships, government buildings, and retail businesses are all enterprises that will benefit from professional cleaning services. Cleantastic™ provides efficient, effective and affordable cleaning options for any need.

The cleaning company has experience in all sectors of commercial cleaning. Rates start at just $45 per visit and can be performed at a variety of intervals and according to a schedule that best serves the needs of each client. The company offers the Cleantastic™ Performance Guarantee, along with free, no-obligation online quotes for complete convenience.

About Cleantastic™

Cleantastic™ has over 20 years of commercial cleaning experience and serves more than 5,000 clients worldwide.

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Stories from 14 amazing women of overcoming obstacles and finding success!

Phoenix, Arizona – September 19th, 2019 – The Sisterhood Extravaganza today announced the release of their second co-authored book to the public via various media outlets.  Empowering Women to Succeed; Overcoming Obstacles, the much-anticipated new book chock-full of amazing stories of powerful personal transformation in the face of life-altering events of 14 women – Tiffany Fehr, Rosslyn Castro, Zee Iyoha, Pasia Woods, Yemisi Agbebi, Buffie O’Neill, Jamie Baltazar, Carey Conley, Michelle Blalock, Toy Taylor, Rhonda Culver, Sara Maria McGraw-Abdalla, Kim Parker and Pat Gillum.

The book encourages and inspires women to have faith in healing from their past, starting over and overcoming challenges in order to fulfill their destiny. It is powerful, engaging, and inspirational. A must read for all.  It reveals how successful women have faced huge, life-changing transitions in the areas of suicide, divorce, domestic violence, wealth and much more. Their stories will inspire you to heal from abuse and shame and start living a joyous life. 

The public is invited to attend the Book Release Celebration on Friday, October 11, 2019, at 5 pm at ASU SkySong, 1475 N. Scottsdale Road, Scottsdale, AZ  85257. Tickets can be purchased at www.sisterhoodextravaganza.org.

This book will provide you with the courage and strength to overcome any situation, forgive those who have harmed you and prosper from your pain. The key message is about how a woman’s mindset determines her outcome in life, business, and relationships. It’s not about what happens to you, but how you overcome the obstacles that have been thrown at you. 

Visit www.sisterhoodextravaganza.org for contact details, photos and the bio’s of all authors.

Founder/President of The Sisterhood Extravaganza

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Dr Nazeer Khan MD from Tampa, FL, is Spearheading House Call TeleMed, a Direct to Home Medical Service

Dr Nazeer Khan MD from Tampa, FL, is Spearheading House Call TeleMed, a Direct to Home Medical Service

Tampa, FL – September 19, 2019 – House Call Telemed is an innovative medical service, Dr. Nazeer Khan MD, based in Tampa Bay, Florida served as one of the Founders. As the Chief Medical Officer at House Call Telemed, Dr. Nazeer Khan is instrumental in running the tele-health company in the metropolitan areas in Tampa, FL and New York.

House Call TeleMed has been formed to offer a most convenient medical services to patients delivered right at their home. Run by a network of independent Physicians and Nurse Practitioners, the service aims to improve patient care and remove the existing inefficiencies in our healthcare delivery system. Using telemedicine, patients can contact physicians or Nurse Practitioners by simply calling the House Call TeleMed number and initiate the service.

We pride ourselves on being a revolutionary network of healthcare Providers that uses the faults of the current healthcare system as a starting point to make the necessary changes in working with our patients to ensure timely access to healthcare services using the most advanced telemedicine services and technologies,” says Dr. Nazeer Khan.

House Call TeleMed uses the latest telemedicine technology to deliver primary healthcare services. Over time, Dr. Nazeer Khan hopes to cover all medical specialties under telemedicine. As part of the service, a medical technician is also sent to the patient’s home will medical and communication equipment.

According to Dr. Nazeer Khan, the telemedicine system is ideally suited for Medicare beneficiaries, and enables them to carry out annual wellness checkups and Chronic Disease management at home. House Call TeleMed is easy to use and offer a convenient way to receive medical help whenever needed.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/v9cAJP0t8Mg

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