Oralogica is the first toothpaste to include nine organic vitamins and seven organic minerals.

By the way, if you are concerned about putting something into your body, do you ask a chemist, or do you consult a pharmacist?

Today, you have a new option for toothpaste, formulated by a clinical pharmacist, not a chemist.

The results are ingredients that actually enhance and fortify your bodies’ physiology. Oralogica goes way beyond simply adding vitamins and minerals; we add organic, plant-based nutrients. This means they are readily available to be absorbed into your eco-system and used where your body needs it most. “Of course, these ingredients cost a bit more, but if you are going to do something, why not do it right”, says David Dolezal, founder of Oralogica.

“In order to actually mineralize your teeth, one requires minerals already broken down by plants. To enhance and fortify your gums one requires actual vitamin C, not synthetic, petroleum based ascorbic acid, at best, ascorbic acid it is of no value for your body and it can actually work to deplete your real vitamin C!” Says Brad Amrhein, Oralogica’s Chief Clinical Pharmacist. “We have selected only the highest quality nutrients required by the body and combined these with natural cleaning and whitening ingredients to bring your body a “spa date” when you brush with PASTE.”

Oralogica, soon will offer a wide range of products designed to safely and effectively help your body. This is a significant breakthrough in delivering new and natural benefits to the consumer marketplace.

The key objective in developing Oralogica’s PASTE is to offer you a superior choice and one that does no harm to you or to the environment. We are committed to improving the environment by offering ingredient efficacy with glass packaging and a mess free pump dispenser.  Our products are made in the USA using domestic and imported ingredients.

Oralogica is the innovative personal care product company, regarded as “the first organic personal care product company created from a passion to change the world.” The company will offer a wide range of organic oral care products.

Of course, today as independent, free thinking adults, you appreciate American ingenuity and healthy choices for yourself, your children and your neighbors.  We humbly request that you, our neighbors, assist us now on Kickstarter and in exchange for your pledge we will send to you PASTE and RINSE and be the first to experience what cool, clean and natural truly feels like!

More information about the campaignand the products can be found on the website. Oralogica is also available across different social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

About Oralogica

ORALOGICA is the first organic personal care product company created from a passion to change the world by providing you and your family with superior organic oral care products that are healthy and effective. The company is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Visit: www.oralogica.com

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