Martin Higgins shares his expertise in household organization under ‘House Martin of London’

House Martin of London extends its domestic services globally but primarily in The United Kingdom and The USA. With experience and passion backing him, Martin Higgins introduces House Martin of London Ltd, which promises to turn houses into homes by reviewing the smallest details of multiple household organization and offering bespoke training to domestic staff to become the foundation of an immaculate home.

Well trained domestic staff are the backbone of any household and the most impeccable well run homes are the product of their services; provided that the staff are skilled, experienced and have a great attitude. House Martin of London does exactly that for its UNHW clients’ household staff, by extending onsite bespoke staff training, it tutors and trains them to ensure the house is run as efficiently as possible.

Martin Higgins has been juggling the care of multiple households for the past 30 years and has looked after the organization of some of the top households worldwide. This 3-decade experience coupled with the utmost concern and empathy for his clients, allows Martin to polish residences and work with both the freshly appointed as well as previously employed domestic staff. Martin has specifically got a keen eye for any upheaval in the working foundation of a home and works immediately to restore the harmony of the place. He is also mindful of trivial matters in all areas of household organization that bud into pronounced problems and issues. It only takes him half a heartbeat to spot the unordered and breath order and harmony into it.

Furthermore, House Martin of London can suggest improvements for all areas of the residence. Martin can work with affiliates to make suggestions about storage systems for all the areas of the home ranging from improved storage solutions to designing laundry rooms and utility areas. He can source all household appliances, home ware, and cleaning equipment that fall in the a-z of home care such as the finest linens and the best silverware. Martin can also collaborate with architects and designers for home reorganization.

In addition to training domestic staff, House Martin of London provides assistance in hiring new staff along with their domestic care tutoring. With so many years in household organization, the company can help with the layout of the entire home, plan and arrange parties, and provide concierge services. One would never again have to harbor nagging worries about dirty laundry, the unclean edge of a spoon, or undertrained staff.

The major objective of House Martin of London is to ease the household burdens from the shoulder of its UHNW clients and create harmony in individual residences or across multiple homes: from the running of the laundry room to seamless service in the dining room, as well as effective communication between staff and employer. The aim is to arm domestic staff with skills, etiquette, and efficiency.

About Us:

House Martin of London, an initiative taken by Martin Higgins, caters to the needs of those who are troubled with inefficiencies within their homes and of their domestic staff. It provides top–quality services to train domestic staff and polish their skills in a caring and friendly manner; to improve all matters concerning top level household care and organization.

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