“Luma Boards” Lights up at Kickstarter

A group of German students who have developed the Luma Board, a unique skateboard, are appealing for well-wishers to back them in a crowdfunding pledge to bigger produce the product and allow them to avail the handmade boards in the market at low prices.

Dortmund, Germany – Aug 1st, 2017 – A group of students who have developed the Luma Board, a skateboard with features which have not been seen before, are calling on well-wishers to help them realize their dream of bringing a brand new and high-end futuristic design product into the market.

The product started as a student bachelor project but the students now intend to bring it to reality, mass produce and avail it in the market at affordable prices.

Luma board is a cruiser, a skateboard that has never been done before in that way. It has a glass layer inside which lights up. A combination of glass, wood and light with finest craftmanship to create what the inventors describe as a real beauty. “It is a type of skateboard that rivals none in the market. This goes a long way to show that even students or young people for that matter can create a product that not only meets the needs but also beats those in the market,” said Raphael, designer of the Luma Boards concept, while adding that as young person’s they have the motivation to start a successful company with little help of the community.

Through their crowd funding appeal, the group of young inventors are calling for backing up for their project, either through monetary contribution, hardware support or even ideas and feedback.

“We  have decided to go the crowd funding way to share the project with well-wishers and spread the word as far as possible inspiring people to support our idea and help our dream come true,” said Raphael who started the whole project on his own.

“Perfecting the current model and guaranteeing the best quality as well as creating an efficient production of Luma Boards will need a production which is beyond our current possibilities,” said Darius the Product Manager while articulating the reasons why they have chosen crowdfunding.

The Luma Board is totally handmade by a group of few students in Germany; they have dedicated their time to building a hoverboard homage which they describe as a product that combines the originally look of a skateboard and lighting in an aesthetic design product.

For more information and to support this course, please visit: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/lumaboards/luma-boards-the-most-futuristic-cruiser-ever-creat

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