Hands-Free, Stretchable Dog Leash Makes Outdoor Activities Fun with No Strain Features

Dog lovers wish they could walk, jog and run with their adorable furry friends without have to hold on to the leash. RVC Pets has come to their rescue with just the right product – a hands-free, waist dog leash that is stretchable and safe for all situations. The hands-free leash features a black retractable pet bungee leash with pouch and bag holder, ideal for walking, hiking, running and jogging with the pets.

Now dog owners can run with their pets just as they wanted to – free and without holding on to the leash. This is a most refreshing outdoor activity, and is now made possible with the new hands-free leash, which avoids any unnecessary strain on the back or discomfort. The highly functional waist dog lead features an adjustable band secured around the waist and attached to a bungee leash that is stretchable 54” TO 70” for your furry friend’s max movement freedom.

“Enjoy your out and about with the #1 bungee dog leash holding your essentials, doggie poop bags and water bottle in the special POUCH & BAG HOLDER!” says a spokesperson from RVC Pets.

The waistband of the hands-free leash can be adjusted from 33-66”, and the retractable leash can be attached to the dog’s collar. The hands-free dog leash is also the safest running belt product, as the retractable feature ensures that the puppy is safe even during abrupt stops and tugs. The shock absorbing design thus safeguards the dog from neck strains whether walking at night or on busy streets.

The hands-free dog leash is now available from its Amazon page with a 100 percent risk-free guarantee.

For more information, please visit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078LPKVC3

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