Culture Hair Products Launches Kickstarter Campaign For Their Unique Hair Care System

Culture Hair Products announces launch of campaign on Kickstarter for their unique hair care system.

Culture Hair Products, the one-of-a-kind hair care system designed for multicultural and bi-racial curls and hair types, has announced that their Kickstarter campaign is now live and ready for contribution. The game-changing hair care system has been designed to deliver results for hair of various patterns and textures.

“Culture products are made specifically for biracial curls and hair textures,” says the creator of this unique brand, Christiana Guccione. “Our hair care system is different as we have taken exotic ingredients from all over the world and combined them to create a special brand that does great things for your hair. With our Kickstarter campaign, we aim to achieve our future goals within targeted deadlines.”

Culture is truly unique in many ways according to the makers of this brand. Created specifically for those with unmanageable curls and hair types, this hair care system has been developed after extensive research. The product cleans hair without over-drying or weighing down hair. The effect lasts for an entire day, thanks to the unique mix of exotic ingredients that goes into making of the product.

Culture is a three-part hair care system consisting of a shampoo, conditioner and finisher. The shampoo detangles and cleans hair without drying or stripping as it does not contain any harmful sulfates. Instead, there are exotic oils added to the formula that prevents frizzing and provides strength and stability.

The detangling conditioner hydrates dry and damaged hair and improves elasticity. It also repairs surface damage and strengthens hair while improving manageability.

The Finisher from Culture is a conditioning treatment that uses hydrolyzed keratin to make hair stronger and healthy. The leave-in treatment has Panthenol that keeps hair healthy and nourished for long. When the entire system is used in conjunction, it can work wonders for all types of hair.

The Culture brand has been created by Christiana Guccione after endless hours of discussion with industry experts and testing a string of ingredients from all over the world. Long hours were spent in the lab, researching and mixing and matching the right formula. The brand was created after lots of hard work and is recognized today as a unique hair care system that’s truly one-of-its-kind.

The Kickstarter campaign started for Culture Hair Care System aims to raise funds for marketing and development of the brand. The makers are looking at raising $10,000 by the deadline date of 26, August, 2017. There are many incentives on offer to participants and contributors for the Kickstarter campaign depending on the level of contribution.

About Culture Hair Care System:

Culture Hair Care System is a powerful and proven one-of-a-kind line of products that helps address the curly hair problems faced by multi-cultural hair types. The three-part hair care system that hydrates, moisturizes and detangles hair has been developed to address the needs of a diverse world by performing a start-to-finish hair care routine.

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