Miss Liz’s Season Five T-E-A: A Stirring Blend of Inspiration, Resilience, and Human Connection

Sip, Share, and Transform: Miss Liz’s Teatime Season Five Unveils a Rich Tapestry of Stories and Inspiration.

Miss Liz, the host of the widely acclaimed Miss Liz’s Teatime podcast, is set to launch Season Five with a refreshing mix of topics and guests. Starting January 4th at 3 pm EST, audiences can expect a diverse lineup of inspiring individuals, each sharing personal stories of triumph, resilience, and hope. 

January 4th – John Michael Mader: Advocating Mental Health from Trinidad and Tobago 

The season kicks off with John Michael Mader from Trinidad and Tobago, who will share his personal journey with mental health. Mader, through his story and books, aims to be a voice for the youth, providing insights and inspiration for those navigating similar challenges. 

January 4th – Chris DT Gordon: Survivor to Striver with TAG 

Chris DT Gordon from TAG takes the spotlight, sharing his personal story of transforming from survivor to striver while battling a deadly disease. His journey from adversity to triumph serves as a beacon of strength and resilience. 

January 8th – Dave and Susan from Canada: Navigating “Dry January” with Emergo Academy 

Special teatime on January 8th features Dave and Susan from Canada, bringing insights on “Dry January” from the Emergo Academy. This dynamic duo will shed light on their experiences and the importance of mindful drinking. 

January 11th – Tiffany Loeffler: Positive Intelligence Coach from the USA 

Positive Intelligence coach Tiffany Loeffler joins on January 11th, sharing wisdom on cultivating positive mental states. Her expertise and guidance aim to empower listeners to enhance their emotional well-being. 

January 11th – Robert Alexandra: “Life Rhythms” Audio Alchemist from the USA 

In the evening, Robert Alexandra, known as the “Life Rhythms” Audio Alchemist, will captivate audiences with his unique approach to sound and healing. It is a sensory experience not to be missed. 

January 18th – Mark Smith: Wrestling Hall of Famer 

Wrestling Hall of Famer Mark Smith takes center stage on January 18th, sharing his personal journey in the wrestling industry. His compelling story and book, “Wrestling with Demons,” provide a glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of a celebrated career. 

January 18th – WL Hawkin: Returning Guest from Season Three with Updates and New Releases 

Urban Fantasy writer of the Hollystone Mysteries Series bringing you a twist of murder through ritual magic and help from the gods.  

Closing January 25th – Lynda Harlos: Human Trafficking & Abuse Prevention Educator 

Lynda Harlos, a Human Trafficking & Abuse Prevention Educator and Mom of a Survivor joins us as the final guest of January. Her mission from parentwithpurpose.ca sheds light on a crucial cause, paving the way for impactful discussions. 

January 25th – Preparing You for February Guests – Doug Lawrence: A Teatime Reunion 

Closing out January is Doug Lawrence, previously featured on Miss Liz’s radio show and teatime reunion. Now making an appearance on the podcast, Lawrence’s story is shared on many platforms and is a voice of mentoring and coaching. 

Miss Liz’s podcast, accessible on YouTube and https://linktr.ee/Misslizsteatime, is more than just a show; it is a humanitarian mission that can be found on over 80 podcast apps and stations around the globe. Through open discussions, collaboration with guests and their teams, and a commitment to working with purpose and passion, Miss Liz brings a unique blend of Teaching, Education, and Awareness (T-E-A) to audiences worldwide. 

Miss Liz invites sponsorship, teamwork, and media engagement opportunities to create a meaningful dialogue that impacts lives globally. Support for her mission and vision can be contributed through donations on her website. 

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Miss Liz’s Teatime: Sip into a world of real T-E-A, making a difference together. 

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