Young Gifted Game Division Is Set To Release Their First Horror Video Game App As Promised!!

In January 2017, Young Gifted Entertainment announced that they will be launching a new game division. This sub division will be focused on creating the next generation of video games.  

Young Gifted Entertainment’s CEO stated that by late August 2017, they will have had created their first video game app. This game app will be available on multi-platforms, such as: Android and PC version. So dare to download your newest addiction. The Lunatic Bandit game app promises to deliver a heart pounding, super intense, adrenaline rushing nightmare.

Game Plot:

The year is 2020, a terrorist group has released a bio-hazard weapon in the atmosphere called the “H-Virus”. The H-virus is wreaking havoc on the world’s population and begins mutating humans into (unhumans). The survival of the entire human race is at stake. A small town in the Midwest has been quarantine and over run by the infected (unhumans). In town, a cure has been stored in a highly secured CDC laboratory.

The military decided to send in one man, Special Forces – Commander D. Barnes known as the “The Lunatic Bandit”. Commander D. Barnes parachutes into town and quickly realizes that he may not make it back out. His mission begins at a local school. Once inside, he starts his search for the cure and comes across a frightened woman. She runs off screaming and he chases after her, not knowing that he’s running straight into a trap. The infected (unhumans) begin a ferocious attack on Commander D. Barnes. He realizes that he’s trapped and has to fight his way out.


1. Find the cure

2. Kill everyone

3. No one get’s out

“The Lunatic Bandit” game app will be available on Google Play Store in late August 2017, according to President & CEO of Young Gifted Entertainment.

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