X-Traders To Develop New Markets By Offering Free Consultations

Financial experts X-Traders are offering free consultations to help people achieve positive financial results.

Belize City, Belize – October 9, 2017 – X-Traders Ltd, headquartered in Belize with its services available internationally, welcomes US-based company’s enterprise customers and individuals to take advantage of a free consultation. These consultations with the company’s managers will be on topics about financial markets trading and higher yield asset management options. Receiving personalized advice and counseling is now more affordable than ever.

Business needs of company’s partners are a top priority for management and are treated in a confidential, secure, trust-based environment. Having abandoned the rigid corporate framework, we implemented an innovative system of risk balancing based on triple diversification: portfolios, markets and currency baskets diversification, which combined together completely protect the traded capital from significant drawdowns. Another unique development allows us to apply uniform rules and management standards for capitals of any size equally stably using the daily distributed financial management (DDMMS, Distributed Daily Money Management System).

X-Traders Ltd (http://x-traders.com) Singapore office announced opening its doors to South-Asian clientele with grand launch scheduled to happen on November, 14th. Based on the substantial feedback received through international communication channels from their loyal repeat customers and following some requests, the Company’s board of directors approved the development of a network of regional offices to come into effect 2017-2019 and beyond.

Chinese investors should be pleased to know that X-Traders website is about to be translated into Chinese Simplified with the aim of establishing a closer rapport with the rapidly growing market.

Catering to the needs of private investors and small-scale traders residing in Portugal and Brazil alike, X-Traders Ltd starting October 1st proudly provides online support in the Portuguese language. Similarity in European Portuguese and Brazil Portuguese allows for efficient coverage of both countries in terms of targeted assistant services delivery. However, to make this long-awaited introduction smoother, multilingual support operators have undergone 6-week intensive courses both in European Portuguese and Brazil Portuguese in order to provide flexible, comforting communication and engagement level for clients residing on both sides of the Atlantic.

Crypto-currency owners are expected to tune in for a coming notification of the Crypto-currency Trust Management availability. A truly innovational platform will come along further enhancements to loyalty program featuring very special investment opportunities to company’s repeat customers.

For more information, please visit http://x-traders.com

About X-Traders

The founders of “X-Traders” are experts and professionals of their business, proven by time. Each of the team has worked and successfully traded in the staff of large Dealing Centers or forex brokers with a worldwide reputation (Alpari, InstaForex, Fx4U, FXCM, FxPro and some others). The total amount of capital managed by the five most experienced traders exceeded USD 33,600,000, and the monthly yield reached 538% in annual terms.

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