Waterinjoy Offers Swimmers The Most Exceptional Premium Quality Panoramic View Swim Goggles

Swimming goggles are designed to enable swimmers protect their eyes and see clearly while navigating under water. Most times these over advertised swim goggles come off as you swim or fogs up quickly thereby failing to perform its function of protecting the eyes and enhancing human eye visibility under water. Therefore every swimmer needs to be properly equipped with the best of quality swim google in the market that not only performs its primary functions but gives so much comfort and more. Such a Swim goggle can only be found at WaterInJoy. 

WaterInJoy is a swimming learning center for children and adults and water activities with babies. In addition, rehabilitation and therapeutic swimming in hydrotherapy is performed with people and children with disabilities. Their mission is to make everyone love the water while taking swimming lessons.

That’s why they are producing high quality equipments for water, which been tested by WATERINJOY team. An excellent example of such equipment is their swimming goggles.

WATERINJOY offers swimmers the best of Panoramic View Swim Goggles equipped with watertight ultraviolet Protection, Anti-Fog guard, anti-Shatter, ear Plugs, free Protection Case, Large Frame and Comfort Fit Adjustable Strap for Men, women and teenagers. Whether it’s a race for a record, swimming for better health or making memories at the swimming pool, WaterInJoy Swim Goggle is the best choice for everyone.

Some of the fascinating benefits of the special features of this swim goggle include: – Anti-fog & shatter proof polycarbonate lenses with 100% ultraviolet protection grants users 180 degrees, wide-angle, crystal clarity and protection, – rigid plastic frame, soft silicone gasket & adjustable strap gives users excellent seal and fabulous fit guaranteed, – Siamese ear plugs & bonus silicone ear plug helps swimmers keep their ears dry, – Free hard carrying case (valued $ 5.60) helps to carry the goggles and ear plugs wherever  with confidence.

The product was tested in open sea water, fresh and salty water for long distance swimming, and the results were amazing. Full opacity without penetration of water to the eyes, while keeping the ears dry (which Prevents ear infections and penetration of cold wind).

They also offer users of this amazing product 30 days money back guaranteed incase they are not satisfied with the product. For sale in Amazon, and also available is a new product without ear plugs in multiple colors.

To get this magnificent swim goggles by WaterInJoy please visit this Amazon link https://www.amazon.com/WATERINJOY-Panoramic-Protected-Anti-Fog-Anti-Shatter/dp/B073ZXL3C5 or their webpage www.waterinjoy.com

About WaterInJoy

WaterInJoy is a swimming school located in Israel that has been around for over 10 years with reincorporation center for physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and fitness in the water for all levels.

On January they started their swimming goggles manufacturing company and will be selling them on amazon.

“It will upgrade your vacation; you will never forget. It is worth the experience, swim and enjoy life underwater,” said Leonardo, Waterinjoy manager. ”Just keep swimming!”

To learn more about them please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/swim.waterinjoy/

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bymBPoXwTDM or their webpage www.waterinjoy.com

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